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What is psycopathy?

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A psychopath is a person with a mental illness. They are unable to learn from past mistakes, and usually seek pleasure in aggressive illegal acts like murder. Psychopathy is very similar to sociopathy, but not everyone who is a sociopath is also a psychopath. Psychopaths are more violent and dangerous.

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What are the signs or symptoms of child psycopathy?

The most famous early sign is torturing small animals or peers. Physical torture. Big red flag. Additionally, lack of regret for bad actions (which most children display very clearly); but this is not a sure sign, don't automatically diagnose the child. Really, it takes a professional to make a complicated diagnosis like psychopathy.

What is the difference between psycopathy and sociopathy?

Based on my readings on the sociology of deviance, whether you describe someone who exhibits chronic disregard for others' rights/feelings, lack of empathy, total self-centeredness, etc. as "psychopathic" or "sociopathic" depends on whether you trace the cause of the behavior to intrapsychic or biological defects (psychopathic) or trace it to the social structure of a given society (sociopathic). Given that this kind of behavior is common in some types of societies and comparatively rare in others, I believe a strong case can be made for a social etiology.

How many serial killers are white?

Black serial killers are very rare. Most black multiple murders are classified as spree killers, or business related killers I.E rival drug dealers. Serial killers have very specific psycopathies. And blacks in the USA represent between 26&30 percent of the population and less then two percent of classified serial killers. Statistically speaking black serial killers are almost non-existent. It is true that 70-80% of people convicted of crimes in the united states are black. But one has to ask the question, is that a condition of poverty and urban life or psycopathy. In other words, is it their skin color, or their circumstance that drive them to commit their crimes. I'm inclined to think the later. Remember the statistic was based on those convicted of crimes.

How does God expect us to handle mental illness like psycosis and psycopathy?

First, psychosis is merely a symptom of certain psychiatric and physical problems and IS IN NO WAY related to psychopathy or sociopathy. Psychosis is a detachment from reality characterized by the sufferer believing things that are not only untrue and not in keeping with any religious or cultural tradition, but cannot be disproved no matter how much evidence to the contrary is presented to the sufferer. People who are psychotic also experience disordered thinking and if severely psychotic can experience hallucinations. Psychopathy, on the other hand, is a total lack empathy for others, distinguished by a pattern of callous disregard for their rights. As to how God expects us to deal with his; Psychopaths are untreatable, and generally become more manipulative and cunning when treated by psychiatric professionals. The best way to deal with them is sending them to prison when they commit a crime (generally they commit fraud on a regular basis). Patients who are psychotic need care, attention and medicine. They need to be treated as human beings who are suffering profoundly. God, I suppose, doesn't care if you don't appreciate the least of your brothers, care for them, or that you get upset that you have to share a world with them and their problems. He expects you to handle the mentally ill as he expects you to handle everyone else- as you would Him.

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