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What is pure substances?

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A Pure Substance is one in which all the molecules are of the same kind .It is either an element or a compound .The characteristics of pure substance are melting point and boiling point .

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Mixtures are not pure substances.

A pure substance is one element. But substances can be different. They can be unpure or pure substance.

Pure substances are either elements or compounds

Pure substances are divided into elements and compounds.

Pure substances that cannot be separated into simpler substances are called elements.

No. A pure substances has a definite and constant composition.

why is pure substances important

Pure substances are composed of only one chemical. However, mixtures consist of two or more substances and can be broken down into varying pure substances.

Practically (exceptions exist) all known substances can be obtained in a pure fom.

If you mean pure substances, there are elements, molecules, and compounds. If you mean all substances, then add mixtures to the list, although they are not pure substances.

Yes, pure substances are actually pure.

They are elements, so in that sense, yes, they are "pure" substances.

Carbon and oxygen are elements and are pure substances.

No. Pure substances include both elements and compounds.

Pure substances that are physically combined make a mixture.

Elemental helium and elemental oxygen are pure substances.

Water, diamonds, and gold are pure substances.

Pure substances are substances that cannot be separated by any physical or chemical processes. Impure substances are substances that have been contaminated with other materials.

Mixtures are not pure substances because they are mixed, or made up of two or more pure substances.

Yes my friends. All elements are pure substances that cannot be broken down. However, pure substances aren't all elements.

Pure substances are materials that cannot be separated using physical means and they are homogeneous. Pure substances include water, baking soda, pure sugar, sulfur, copper, and tin.

Standard physical properties are determined on pure substances.

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