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In all reality this is what many companies have - regardless of mission, values, culture statements. Simply put - issues in process or problems are only addressed as they arise. To put it in a very simple example - there is a huge hole in the hallway that everyone knows is there... it is only addressed when someone falls into it.

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Q: What is reactive crisis management?
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3.2GHz processor

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# Reactive, meaning, "to trigger reaction" is used in the preparation of an organization for the unwelcome or the unexpected. Reactive Crisis Management is exercised by corporations after an incident that can damage their reputation of it occurs. PR plays a crucial role in such situations because it is the communication link between the company's management, employees, the media, government agencies, and legal entities; it is all done by the Public Relations Personnel. The performance of PR during such situations can mean the salvation or the demise of a corporation.

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