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Reflected light on a smooth surface is called specular or regular reflection. The incident ray, the reflected ray and the normal to the reflection surface at a point of the incidence lie in the same plane.Ê

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What are 3 examples of light being reflected?

- light reflected from a window- light reflected from a mirror- light reflected from snow

How light is reflected?

how light is reflected ?

Where the light is absorbed or reflected?

Absorbed Light: When light is absorbed we cannot see it. Reflected Light: When light is reflected, we can see it.

What is the term for reflected light?

Reflected light

How is light reflected?

light is reflected in straight lines.....

Is production of rainbow light reflected or refracted?

A reflected light would be light reflected by a mirror, and the light would remain unchanged. A reflected light of daylight is when white light is split into 'rainbow' colours.

What is an example of reflected light?

For example the light reflected by a window.

What is a term that means reflected light?

The light which enters is called the incident ray and the reflected light is called the reflected ray.

How is a light ray reflected from a mirror?

when a ray of light strikes a solid surface , the light is not absorbed by it it is reflected back. this is reflected ray

What is reflected light from the water or light?

Water is a completely smooth surface and light is reflected from the sun.

Does earth reflected light on moon is same cool as moon reflected light?


What is The moons light is really reflected light from?

The moon's light is really reflected from the sunlight that hits the moon.

When light is reflected?

light is reflected when it falls on some object. every object has the ability to reflect light.

What light wave lengths are reflected in chlorophyll?

Green light is reflected. Red and blue light are absorbed.

How can a shadow be reflected?

It is actually impossible to reflect a shadow, as a shadow is merely an absence of light. However, what IS reflected is the light surrounding the shadow. When this light is reflected, it forms a reflected image of the light's shape, complete with a lack of light, or shadow. In this way, it can look like a shadow is reflected.

What is the percentage of light reflected by a planet?

Albedo is the measurement of how strongly light is reflected off an object.

What is the difference between emitted and reflected light?

reflected light comes from smooth surfaces such as mirrors

Do you see objects due to reflected light?

It is the light reflected from them that enables us to see objects.

When light is reflected from a rough surface the reflected light does what while producing no image?

Bounces off

Is it true that both light and sound can be reflected?

Yes, it is true that both light and sound can be reflected.

How light is reflected and refracted in a diamond?

Light is reflected and refracted in a diamond based on the angles of its facets relative to the source of the light.

What is the difference between source light and reflected light?

Source light is light coming directly from a light source/emitter (i.e. a light bulb, the sun, stars, etc.). Reflected light is light coming indirectly from the light source/emitter. That could be reflected, refracted light, etc.

Do compound microscopes use transmitted or reflected light?


What colour bends the least when light is reflected in the prism?

If the light is reflected, then the colors are equally bent (reflected back). If you mean when light passes through a prism, then red will be bent the least.

Does the moon have light in it?

light is reflected of it by the sun