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no rightful order but, North America and south America are probably it.

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Which Region is England 1 or 2?

Region 2 :)

What are the Beautiful places in region 2 of the Philippines?

what are he beautiful things in region 1 and region 2

How do you play a DVD region 2 on a blu ray region 1 player?

You can't, because DVD region 2 isn't the same region as the BluRay region A/1. If you want to play them, you will need a BluRay region B/2

How region 1 and region 2 become the same?

the population

Into what regions are the pacific islands divided?

Region 1 Region 2 Region 3

Can a region 2 PS3 play a region 1 DVD?

No its only region free on games.

What are the seven regions of east Asia?

Region 1 Region 2 Region 3 Region 4 Region 5 Region 6 Region 7

What are the 2 main body parts of a crayfish?

1. Cephalothorax (Head region) 2. Abdomen (Thoracic region)

What are the five regions of Missouri?

The state of Missouri has been divided into four regions:1. Region 1--Northeast-2. Region 2--Southeast3. Region 3--Southwest4. Region 4--NorthwestI really do not know the 5th region if there is any:

Do dvds from region 1 werck in region 2?

NO it will not work! Wreck NO just no work!

Where is region 2 located in Guyana?

next to region 3 and 1 on the low coastal plain

Is region 1 is in northeastern luzon?

Region 1 is located in the northwestern region portion of Luzon, also called as 'Ilocos Region'. Region I is composed of 4 provinces: 1. Ilocos Norte 2. Ilocos Sur 3. La Union 4. Pangasinan

Can you play European Xbox 360 games on American 360?

not if they are region locked, America is region 1 and Europe is region 2.

What is region 1 region 2 and so forth when it comes to movies?

Region 1 is the USRegion 4 is Oceania(Australia, New Zealand etc)the other two I'm not sure( but one of them is Asia)

What is a Fact about Appalachian region?

It's a cultural region(1), located in the eastern United States(2).

When will Gossip Girl Season 2 come out on DVD?

18th of August in the Americas (Region 1) September 28th in Region 2 format.

Will a Canadian DVD work on a European DVD player?

A Canadian DVD (region 1) should not work on a European DVD player (region 2). There are six DVD region codes. A DVD from region 1 (which is for the US and Canada) will not play in a player from region 2 (Europe, Japan, South Africa and the Middle East).

What is the climate at region 1?

what is the climate in region 1 and province of region 1

Mga rehiyon sa Luzon?

1, car2,ncr3,armm4 region 15 region 26 region 37 region 4-Aregion 4-B8region 59regin 610region 711region 812region 913 region 1014 region 1115 region 1216 region 13

When will two and a half men season 5 be released on DVD?

Region 1 : May 12, 2009 Region 2 : April 13, 2009 Region 4 : July 1, 2009

What are the 4 regions of a pigs body?

1) head (cranial) region 2) neck (cervical) region 3) trunk (thoracic) region 4) tail (caudal) region

Can you play a DVD from region 2 on a magnavox zc320mw8?

Magnavox in a North American brand of DVD player and they are programmed to play region 1 discs. It is unlikely that any Magnavox will play a region 2 disc (the European region code).

When was Season 4 of 'Prison Break' released on DVD?

Region 1- June 2, 2009Region 2- July 6, 2009Region 4- July 16, 2009

Looking for first descent snowboarding DVD but region 2 UK any ideas where you can get this all you can find is region 1 US and Canada online?

Don't think they've released it in region 2.

Can Japanese region 2 DVDs play on American region 1 DVD players?

No, they are two different regional format. Unless you have an all Region DVD Player which is not available anywhere. Your computer might be able to play these Japanese DVDs but you have to change the regional format of your computer to region 2. Setback is you cannot play Region 1 anymore on your computer.