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What is relation between meditation and spiritualism?



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Meditation as I know it, is a process that 'takes' you to a certain level of consciousness. It's like wanting to arrive at a destination, and doing the 'walk' is the equivalent of getting there. 'Meditation' is the 'walk' to get to certain destinations of consciousness. Thus, meditation in itself, is not the destination. It is a process. By this definition therefore, the meditation process can be regarded as a very pragmatic process of which in itself is not the spirituality that is the destination.

My take on spirituality is the revelry of 'being there' and having 'arrived' at a state of equanimity where one is appeased and in a state of at-one-ment with the vision and intention that you started with before you began your journey. Spirituality is about being in a certain state of mindful peace and existential balance. The vision has become the reality and the intermediate journey has fulfilled the all-important evolution.

Some people have redefined spiritual-ism as the interest in handling spirits as in seances and group paranormal activities.

I hope my small contribution helps in some way. I always stand to be corrected and look forward to receiving insights from other contributors in this respect.