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he wrote the book and oliver

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Q: What is relationship between Oliver Twist and Charles dicken?
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Is Charles Dickens dead?

is Charles dicken dead

Did Charles dicken play basketball?


Charles dicken's language?


What is dicken's novel about an orphan?

I think you are referring to Oliver Twist.

What relationship does Charles Dickens have with pip?

Some argue that Charles Dicken's based Pip on himself as a young child. Charles grew up earning the money for his family as they lived in a work house. There are many similar features of life between Pip and Dickens.

Who is the famous writer?

abraham lincoln and charles dicken

Who wrote the novel great expressions?

Charles dicken

What happened to Charles Dickens when he was 12?

charles dicken what happen to his father and family

What was Charles dicken age when he start working?

Charles Dicken was 12 years old when he started his first job. He was worker in a blacking or shoe polish factory.

When was Charles Dicken's novel A Christmas Carol published?


Charles dicken's views on prisons and punishment for crime?

Does noone have an answer to this..?

What are the names of Charles dicken books?

1rst is picklewick papers

Who said 'handsome is that handsome does?

charles dicken in david copperfield

Charles dicken wrote about a boy who wanted more who was he?


When did Charles dicken mom died?

june 9, 1870

What is old computer?

first computer search in charles babbage.second computer search in charles dicken.

What was Charles Dicken's third book?

nicholas nickleby in 1838 - 1839

Charles dicken mothers name?

Her name was Elizabeth, nee Barrow.

Who was Charles Dicken's best friend?

John Forster, who was also his publisher.

What happened to CHarles Dicken's father when he was young?

He was sent to newgate prison

What happend in Charles dicken's child hood?

he got badley abused

What did Charles Dicken father work as?

He was a clerk in the Navy Pay Office.

Is Scrooge real?

No - he's from the Charles Dicken's book "A Christmas Carol"

What is Charles Dicken's most autobiographical novel?

the one where he says "HEY THERE'~!!

What wear Charles Dicken's parents called?

John and Eliza Dickens