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What is replenishable?


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after a supply of anything is exhausted, refilling it to its prior level would be considered replenishment. if you are asking about a specific thing you must state that.


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Yes wood is a renewable or replenishable source because it comes from trees and they can be replanted.

yesAnswer:No. Definitions of renewable are either replenishable during a typical human lifetime or replenishable during the period of depletion. Oil takes millions of years to form.

yes tidal is naturally replenished.

Oil is a non replenishable source of energy. and, Oil is a "fossil fuel".

it generates electricity and this is also very cheap then it is a replenishable source of energy and this is also non pollutin in nature

Tidal power does not create air pollution, and does not use a non-replenishable resource (oil)

In the environment, everything is reusable and replenishable but at a certain rate. The certain rate is the much environment can balance itself. Overly consume or damage would break the balance beyond the point of restorable. For the example of imbalance. Fish is replenishable goods of seas. However, near shore fishery using fishing net cause damage to corals where fish would breed and thus imbalance in the environment. This imbalance would results to extinction and no more fish for fishing.

A nonrenewable resource is something that exists in limited supply and it cannot be replaced if it used up. It is also non-replenishable by natural means at the same rate it is consumed.

no, the manual toll booths are not equipped to accept credit cards, but you can get an E-ZPass tag to pay tolls (without stopping), funded with a credit card replenishable deposit.

Plan City toys are made from replenishable rubberwood processed naturally and free from any wood preservatives. Plan City wooden train items are BRIO compatible and work with other major wooden train systems.

Biodiesel is replenishable where fossil fuels aren't. Biodiesel is made from biomass such as corn, rapeseed, sugarcane and even algae. The CO2 produced from burning biodiesel is indirectly reabsorbed by the plants that will make the next batch of biodiesel. Fossil fuels just release CO2.

If you are referring to OSB (oriented strand board) and partial board then Yes they are good for the environment. These types of woods don't require old growth trees to manufacturer. They use quick growing, easily replenishable sapling and small trees in their production.

Yes, compost is a renewable resource. A renewable resource is an organic, replenishable part of Planet Earth's natural environment, all of which describes the dark-colored, fresh-smelling, nutrient-rich organic matter which results from human-guided composting or from Mother Nature-mediated weathering by water or wind.

· Very Costly Production Cost. · Heavy Transmission & Distribution Loss. · Limited Reach. · Big Threat for Environment & Public Health. · Cause of Global Warming, Greenhouse Effect, Acid Rain Etc. · Uncertainty in availability, not replenishable, available in limited amount in environment and availability depends on the rate of consumption by humans. · Electricity Tariff is increasing at about 8 to 10% p.a. on an Average.

Electrical energy should be used intelligently because at this time the majority of it is generated by burning fossil fuels. These fuels are not replenishable; they also add carbon dioxide to the atmosphere and contribute other pollution problems. From a more personal point of view, electrical energy costs you money. You have to pay for what you waste as well as for what you use intelligently. Wasting electricity (or anything else for that matter) is throwing your money away.

As their names suggest, nonrenewable resources cannot be replenished in any way after being extracted from the Earth. Renewable resources can be replaced eventually. Examples of nonrenewable resources include oil, coal, bauxite, and many other metals and fuels. Renewable resources include tree-based products and other replenishable resources including water. Although renewable resources are not likely to run out, they should not be wasted needlessly due to effort required to replenish them to meet demands.

In semi plain English keratin is a tipe of folding Protien...folding protein is when protein folds...not sure why though...keratin is around the outer part of hair and is also in protein...or skin...something like that...anyway as i was saying...keratin also has something in it that makes color like henna and hair dye cling to also makes die last longer...but hair dye takes off that layer of keratin so if you dye your hair alot it will be harder to make the dye stick t your hair...I'm not sure if keratin is replenishable though...i looked this up all over the internet and the words they use blow your mind!so ya...hope this helps!

Dads are non-renewable. Once they are gone, they're gone. Like gasoline, you only have one chance. So treat your dad well. He won't last for ever.Answers:Real world observations indicate that dad's are to some extent a fungible resource (Fungibility is the property of a good or a commodity whose individual units are capable of mutual substitution) as adoptive fathers and second husbands often fill the role handily and well. The replacement from a replenishable population makes them somewhat renewable.However as a painting can be fungible (one painting of a sad eyed puppy is replaceable with almost any other sad eyed painting on black velvet), good dads are more like the Mona Lisa - one of a kind and very difficult to replace.

An energy resource that is NOT renewable is something like coal or oil. There is only so much in the ground and when that is used there is no more. Renewable energy resources are replenished when used. This is the case for example, with a renewable like ethanol, which is made from plants, more of which can be grown each year, or hydropower, which depends on water flowing to the sea and is replenished by upstream rains and snow melts each year. Of course, in both cases, a significant climate change can reduce or prevent the renewing. Renewable resources are replenishable. Solar, wind, and water are renewable resources that we don't really have to do anything for them to replenish themselves, they do it naturally. Wood on the other hand needs assistance from us if we expect to use it at the rates we do. It is why naturalists do not like logging. In order for us to replenish the trees lost to logging, we plant fast growing trees and in doing so the natural diversity of the forest is lost. It is why there is such a fight to retain the last few old growth forests in America. Ecologically, when the diversity of trees is diminished the forest is susceptible to disease decimating entire regions. The animal life is also forever altered.

Good question. Drinking water is a bit of a problem in Australia at the best of times, but we are in the 15th year of a drought in the south eastern states. Major cities have a system of large water catchment areas designed to catch water from very large "watersheds". The water is stored and released into a system of pipes for dispersement to the cities. Smaller cities and towns often have the same thing on a smaller scale, or dams. Many cities and towns get their water from a nearby river. A lot of outback towns and smaller population centres get their water from below the ground. Many areas west of the Great Dividing Range use the underground water from the Great Artesian Basin. The Great Artesian Basin is a huge underground water storage that has accumulated over many thousands of years. Many people argue that we should be using this water for the big cities, but it is not an easily replenishable source of water, since it took thousands of years to accumulate, it will only take a few years to empty. Most of the surface water away from the coastal regions is salt, in fact, most lakes visible on a map of Australia are salt, when they have water in them at all. Sydney has recently introduced a desalination plant to convert sea water to drinking water, and Melbourne is about to follow.

Solar energy has been growly substantially as the go-to clean energy source for many homes and businesses. As the prices of manufacturing have gone down and more consumers have seen the value in a virtually maintenance free system that provides an inexhaustible source of energy, more companies have begun to provide all-in-one kits to get people started. While getting an entire home converted to solar energy can come with a prohibitively high price tag, some home owners have been able to integrate some of their electric needs into a solar power system. This lowers the price of their monthly electric bills and provides the extra funds that will allow for a full transference to solar power. Additionally, the federal government has started offering tax incentives to those that switch to clean, replenishable energy. Solar energy kits are designed with everything a home or business owner needs to begin converting the energy of their place of residence or business into solar power. Solar energy kits are comprised of the solar panels needed to absorb the sun's rays as well as the devices needed to get that power into a home's existing electrical infrastructure. Each panel is made up of several solar cells that are clustered together to absorb the maximum amount of sunlight. Solar cells are made from a conducive material, usually silicon, that is protected by a thin glass sheet. Solar energy captured by this conducive material is carried in a direct current which is unusable by modern electronic devices. Therefore, an inverter is needed to transfer the energy into a usable alternating current. This electricity is then stored in a battery until it is needed. This battery is beneficial on cloudy days and at night when direct contact with the sun is impossible. Solar energy kits require installation on the part of the homeowner, and person purchasing such a system should be comfortable around tools and basic electrical work. For most people, hiring an experienced electrician may be the more optimal solution towards wiring their home or business into a solar electrical station. Once installed, the maintenance needed on a solar power system is minimal. While the panels may need to be cleaned from dirt or debris periodically, the rest of the system is largely self-sustaining due to the fact that their are practically no moving parts involved.

PSC Ceo Cravings Warning about High-priced Replenishable Pointing for you to difficult economic instances for shoppers, the actual ceo in the Florida Community Services Commission wary Mondy concerning staying "overly aggressive" throughout adding sustainable energy. Art Graham advised a residence screen this individual perceives the state of hawaii has to proceed with renewable power, that may incorporate options such as solar technology as well as bio-mass, however that people don't want to spend greater electric bills currently. But some lawmakers wondered your energy regulator, directing partly to be able to extra charges that will people along with companies by now buy new nuclearpower vegetation which aren't anticipated to start operating for another ten years. "We're approach powering additional states (within alternative energy),'' mentioned Rep. Shaun Clemens, DLake Worthy of. Pensacola Republican Clay surfaces Ingram, however, backed Graham's situation. "I thought the feedback have been extremely practical,'' he explained. The particular backandforth concerning sustainable energy came up as the Residence Power and Tools Subcommittee used its first assembly in advance of your Next year intention session. Institutions the first in recent years have frequently deemed ideas about motivating using renewable power rather than using up fossil fuel and natural gas in electrical power vegetation. Advocates declare more renewable energy is needed reduce the california's reliance on fossil fuels, include jobs plus restrict pollution levels a large number of dispute have the effect of climatic change. Yet solar powered energy, for example, provides larger costs compared to gas or perhaps coal, when the electricgenerating capacity is known as. Finally, consumers spend the money for fees regarding power tasks. Rep. Scott Plakon, a new Longwood Republican who had previously been lately named chairman from the subcommittee, did not provide an viewpoint in regards to the renewableenergy concern. Plakon, even so, is actually freely suspicious about one of several justifications mixed up in the matter that people tend to be causing global warming. Plakon needs for you to repeal a law that can bring about what is known any "capandtrade" system, which would spot new restrictions in program pollutants. Your ceo pointed as to the this individual referred to as "questionable technology,'' but Ann Glickman, a lobbyist for that Southeast Coalition with regard to Clean up Vitality, mentioned the particular mind-boggling scientific general opinion is the fact that man made by-products are usually causing java prices. "There just isn't fantastic technological disagreement,'' Glickman mentioned. Because Next year period gets closer, the particular PSC people numerous conditions may include huge costs with regard to buyers. People troubles include a suggested baserate boost pertaining to Gulf coast of florida Energy, suggestions through California Strength Light and also Progress Energy California to give together regarding $335 trillion in expenses pick up for the designed nuclear vegetation and a likely key repair career with Progress's Very Water nuclear plant. Although Graham didn't review about the impending atomic instances, he earned obvious this individual sustains nuclear energy. He stated fischer plants are less expensive to operate than other kinds of vegetation though nuclear crops have big in advance fees. Additionally, Graham prompted higher endeavours from vitality conservation. He said that could require this kind of steps because folks relocating for you to energyefficient Directed lamps. "Conservation could be the lowhanging fruit,'' he was quoted saying. "That's in which I do believe you'll receive the greatest bang for your buck currently.'' Although Graham told caution concerning alternative energy, the PSC later Wednesday accepted an agenda by Progress Vitality Sarasota to acquire electrical energy from your proposed bio-mass plant that may make use of solid wood being a gasoline. The flower is expected to provide energy for about Ten,500 residences, the particular PSC stated. As being a founder in the field of computerized wines devices, iTasting has evolved the total variety of wines dispenserwine accessory products using a single goal: for the greatest feasible glass of wine regardless of how prolonged the wine ended up opened up. sac lancel tropezina sac lancel toile rouge PSC Chairman Cravings Extreme caution upon High-priced Renewable Pointing in order to difficult financial times pertaining to customers, your chairman from the Sarasota Open public Service Percentage aware Wednesday concerning getting "overly aggressive" throughout adding renewable energy. Fine art Graham advised a property panel he or she believes hawai

There are three types of resources in the world: renewable, non-renewable, and perpetual.Perpetual resources are not affected by human use of them. Examples are sunlight and wind.What Does Perpetual Resource Mean?Non-renewable resources do not replenish themselves, or, as in the case of fossil fuels, do so only at a very slow rate.What Does Non-Renewable Resource Mean?A natural resource that can be used to benefit people and can then be replaced for other people to enjoy.A substance of economic value that can be replaced or replenished in the same amount or less time as it takes to draw the supply down. Some renewable resources have essentially an endless supply.Renewable resources have become a focal point of the environmental movement, both politically and economically. Energy obtained from renewable resources puts much less strain on the limited supply of fossil fuels (non-renewable resources). The problem with using renewable resources on a large scale is a cost problem and in most cases, more research is needed to make their use cost-effective.If their levels are heavily decreased, they may not be able to completely replenish themselvesRenewable resources are endangered by industrial developments and growth. They must be carefully managed to avoid exceeding the natural world's capacity to replenish them. A life cycle assessment provides a systematic means of evaluating renewability. This is a matter of sustainability in the natural environment.Solar radiation, tides, winds, geothermal, biomass and other natural elements are renewable resources of energy now called renewable energies.What is renewable energy?In the past century, it has been seen that the consumption of non-renewable sources of energy has caused more environmental damage than any other human activity. Electricity generated from fossil fuels such as coal and crude oil has led to high concentrations of harmful gases in the atmosphere. This has in turn led to many problems being faced today such as ozone depletion and global warming. Vehicular pollution has also been a major problem.Therefore, alternative sources of energy have become very important and relevant to today's world. These sources, such as the sun and wind, can never be exhausted and therefore are called renewable. They cause less emissions and are available locally. Their use can, to a large extent, reduce chemical, radioactive, and thermal pollution. They stand out as a viable source of clean and limitless energy. These are also known as non-conventional sources of energy. Most of the renewable sources of energy are fairly non-polluting and considered clean though biomass, a renewable source, is a major polluter indoors.What are these alternative sources of energy?Under the category of renewable energy or non-conventional energy are such sources as the sun, wind, water, agricultural residue, firewood, and animal dung. The non-renewable sources are the fossil fuels such as coal, crude oil, and natural gas. Energy generated from the sun is known assolar energy. Hydel is the energy derived from water. Biomass -firewood, animal dung, biodegradable waste from cities and crop residues- is a source of energy when it is burnt. Geothermal energy is derived from hot dry rocks, magma, hot water springs, natural geysers, etc. Ocean thermal is energy derived from waves and also from tidal waves.Through the method of co-generation a cleaner and less polluting form of energy is being generated. Fuel cells are also being used as cleaner energy source. In India a number of initiatives have been taken. A good example is the model village of Ralegaon Siddhi.When you burn a piece of wood it turns into ash. Can you use this ash to again light a fire? No, You cannot do this. This is exactly what happens to the non renewable sources of energy such as coal, natural gas and oil. Once you burn them they cannot be reused. Other than this it also causes extensive damage to the environment.The Advantages Of Renewable EnergyOne major advantage with the use of renewable energy is that as it is renewable it is therefore sustainable and so will never run out.Renewable energy facilities generally require less maintenance than traditional generators. Their fuel being derived from natural and available resources reduces the costs of operation.Even more importantly, renewable energy produces little or no waste products such as carbon dioxide or other chemical pollutants, so has minimal impact on the environment.Renewable energy projects can also bring economic benefits to many regional areas, as most projects are located away from large urban centres and suburbs of the capital cities. These economic benefits may be from the increased use of local services as well as tourism.The disadvantages Of Renewable ResourcesIt is easy to recognise the environmental advantages of utilising the alternative and renewable forms of energy but we must also be aware of the disadvantages.One disadvantage with renewable energy is that it is difficult to generate the quantities of electricity that are as large as those produced by traditional fossil fuel generators. This may mean that we need to reduce the amount of energy we use or simply build more energy facilities. It also indicates that the best solution to our energy problems may be to have a balance of many different power sources.Another disadvantage of renewable energy sources is the reliability of supply. Renewable energy often relies on the weather for its source of power. Hydro generators need rain to fill dams to supply flowing water. Wind turbines need wind to turn the blades, and solar collectors need clear skies and sunshine to collect heat and make electricity. When these resources are unavailable so is the capacity to make energy from them. This can be unpredictable and inconsistent. The current cost of renewable energy technology is also far in excess of traditional fossil fuel generation. This is because it is a new technology and as such has extremely large capital cost.What Does Renewable Resource Mean?Agricultural productsTechniques in agriculture which allow for minimal or controlled environmental damage qualify as sustainable agriculture, and it is also known as sustainable farming. Products (foods, chemicals, biofuels, etc.) from this type of agriculture may be considered "sustainable" whenprocessing, logistics, etc. also have sustainable characteristics.BiomassBiomass comes from renewable organic materials such as resides from agriculture, like crops, animal waste and even human waste and industrial sectors of wood manufacture and food industries. Biomass is available everywhere, making its supply unlimited .It helps to sustain climate change, increase energy efficiency, and decrease greenhouse gas emissionWaterWater can be considered a renewable material (also non-renewable) when carefully controlled usage, treatment, and release are followed. If not, it would become a non-renewable resource at that location. For example, groundwater is usually removed from an aquifer at a rate much greater than its very slow natural recharge, and so groundwater is considered non-renewable. Removal of water from the pore spaces may cause permanent compaction (subsidence) that cannot be renewed.Advantages Of Renewable ResourcesA renewable resource is an energy source that uses natural, renewable processes such as sunlight, wind, moving water, and heat from beneath the earth to harness natural energy. This energy can be used to generate energy ready for human consumption. The greatest advantage of renewable resources is that they are inexhaustible. In addition, these resources have reduced or no greenhouse gas emissions during energy production. They also reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.Resources are ReplenishableThe renewable resources are provided by Mother Nature. Unlike fossil fuels that are gradually depleting because of their nonrenewable nature, the renewable resources can be easily replenished. Wind is an inexhaustible resource, because wind is generated by the heating and cooling of the earth each day by the sun. Hydropower is the world's leading source of renewable energy. It relies on the water cycle, which consists of rain or snow, river water, groundwater, and water vapor. Thus, water on the earth is continually replenished by rain and snow. Therefore the water that is used to power turbines can be used over and over again to generate electricity.Reduces our Dependence on Fossil FuelsFossil fuels are the primary sources of energy around the globe. Fossil fuels were formed from the organic remains of prehistoric plants and animals that were converted into carbon-containing fuels by geological action. Fossil fuel reserves are diminishing rapidly because of our overdependence on them. The renewable resources are beneficial in reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and saving us from an imminent global scarcity of energy.At this point, the renewable sources of energy are not fully developed to replace conventional sources of energy at a global level. Investment into research of new forms of energy by governments across the world is needed to make the replacement feasible and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels on a large scale.Beneficial for the EnvironmentAccording to the Environmental Protection Agency, the increased concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is contributing to an increase in global average temperature and related climate changes. Renewable resources produce little or no greenhouse gas emissions during energy production. Geothermal energy produces nearly 50 times less carbon dioxide, nitric oxide, and sulfur emissions than traditional fossil-fuel power plants. According to Jacqueline Langwith ("Renewable Energy") windmills and solar photovoltaic cells can help in reducing carbon dioxide emissions to a great extent. Hydropower plants also do not cause pollution, since they do not emit greenhouse gases or other pollutants during power generation.Renewable materials

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unpassable, unplayable, unprovable, unreadable, unreliable, unscalable, unsellable, unshakable, unsinkable, unslakable, unsociable, unsolvable, unsuitable, untestable, untillable, unwearable, unwinnable, unworkable, upgradable, utilizable, verifiable, vindicable, vulnerable11-letter wordsabolishable, accountable, addressable, allocatable, amortizable, applaudable, appreciable, articulable, assimilable, attemptable, automatable, cancellable, certifiable, cherishable, collectable, comfortable, commandable, commendable, committable, compassable, compellable, compensable, concealable, conceivable, condemnable, condensable, conferrable, confessable, confirmable, confiscable, conformable, connectable, consignable, construable, containable, contestable, conversable, correctable, deflectable, deliverable, demountable, denumerable, depreciable, describable, detonatable, developable, diagnosable, disavowable, discardable, discernable, discussable, dislikeable, dispensable, displayable, disprovable, dissociable, dissolvable, dissyllable, embraceable, enforceable, enlargeable, escheatable, exercisable, explainable, exploitable, extractable, falsifiable, fashionable, fermentable, fissionable, foreseeable, forfeitable, forgettable, harvestable, illimitable, illuminable, immedicable, immitigable, impeachable, impermeable, implantable, impregnable, inadvisable, inalienable, inalterable, increasable, indefinable, indomitable, indubitable, ineluctable, inenarrable, inequitable, inescapable, inestimable, inexcusable, inflammable, inflectable, inhabitable, inheritable, innumerable, inscrutable, inseparable, insuperable, intolerable, intractable, irradicable, irrecusable, irrefutable, irremovable, irreparable, irrevocable, justiciable, justifiable, localizable, machineable, manipulable, medicinable, memorizable, mentionable, nonburnable, noncallable, nonreusable, nonsinkable, organizable, pensionable, perceivable, performable, persuadable, perturbable, pleasurable, polarizable, postponable, practicable, predictable, presentable, preservable, preventable, processable, projectable, publishable, purchasable, pyrolyzable, qualifiable, reclaimable, recoverable, rectifiable, redoubtable, regenerable, registrable, regrettable, relocatable, replaceable, repleviable, respectable, restartable, retractable, retrainable, retrievable, salvageable, satirizable, satisfiable, serviceable, specifiable, stretchable, supportable, surpassable, sustainable, swallowable, tarnishable, trafficable, trailerable, traversable, treasonable, treasurable, trisyllable, unadaptable, unadoptable, unalienable, unalterable, unavailable, unavoidable, unbreakable, unbudgeable, unbuildable, uncatchable, uncheckable, unclimbable, unclubbable, uncountable, uncrossable, uncrushable, undanceable, undauntable, undebatable, undecidable, undefinable, undesirable, undoubtable, undrinkable, unelectable, unendurable, unescapable, unexcitable, unfavorable, unflappable, ungraspable, unguessable, unignorable, uninsurable, unlearnable, unmatchable, unmemorable, unpalatable, unprintable, unreachable, unremovable, unshockable, unspeakable, unstoppable, unteachable, unthinkable, untouchable, untraceable, unutterable, unwatchable, upgradeable, vaporizable, vitrifiable, warrantable, whistleable12-letter wordsabstractable, accreditable, agglutinable, approachable, appropriable, attributable, bioavailable, circulatable, classifiable, communicable, compoundable, conscionable, considerable, contrastable, controllable, correlatable, criticizable, cultivatable, decasyllable, decipherable, decomposable, demonstrable, determinable, diagnoseable, diagrammable, diminishable, disagreeable, discountable, discoverable, dishonorable, displaceable, disreputable, distractable, distrainable, documentable, downloadable, dramatizable, emulsifiable, equiprobable, exchangeable, extraditable, fertilizable, forecastable, formalizable, hydrolyzable, hypermutable, hypnotizable, identifiable, immeasurable, immensurable, impenetrable, imperishable, imponderable, inappeasable, inapplicable, incalculable, incommutable, incomparable, incomputable, inconsolable, inconsumable, incorporable, indeclinable, indisputable, ineffaceable, ineradicable, inexplicable, inexpugnable, inextricable, inhospitable, insufferable, interminable, invulnerable, irredeemable, irreformable, irrefragable, irremediable, irrepealable, irresolvable, jettisonable, magnetizable, maintainable, maneuverable, marriageable, mechanizable, merchantable, microwavable, monosyllable, nonbreakable, noncrushable, nonflammable, nonmalleable, nonrenewable, nonrepayable, normalizable, octosyllable, photolyzable, polysyllable, precipitable, programmable, prosecutable, pulverizable, quantifiable, questionable, rechargeable, recognizable, reconcilable, registerable, rehydratable, reimbursable, rememberable, renegotiable, reproachable, researchable, restrainable, sanctionable, saponifiable, sedimentable, subdividable, summarizable, superposable, surmountable, thermostable, throttleable, transferable, transfusable, translatable, transmutable, transposable, unacceptable, unaffordable, unanalyzable, unanswerable, unappealable, unappeasable, unassailable, unattainable, unbelievable, unbreachable, unbreathable, unbridgeable, uncapturable, unchangeable, uncharitable, uncultivable, undependable, undetectable, undisputable, unemployable, unfathomable, unforgivable, ungovernable, unimaginable, unlistenable, unmanageable, unmarketable, unmeasurable, unmistakable, unnegotiable, unnoticeable, unobservable, unobtainable, unpardonable, unpatentable, unprofitable, unquenchable, unrealizable, unreasonable, unrecyclable, unredeemable, unremarkable, unrepeatable, unresolvable, unreturnable, unreviewable, unsearchable, unseasonable, unverifiable, vanquishable, withdrawable13-letter wordsadministrable, anticipatable, apportionable, ascertainable, biodegradable, commensurable, companionable, conditionable, confiscatable, copyrightable, dischargeable, disciplinable, discreditable, discriminable, embarrassable, establishable, exceptionable, generalizable, graphitizable, imperceivable, imperturbable, impracticable, inappreciable, inconceivable, incontestable, indefatigable, indescribable, indispensable, indissociable, inexplainable, influenceable, insupportable, interoperable, interpretable, irreclaimable, irrecoverable, irreplaceable, irretrievable, knowledgeable, manipulatable, metabolizable, microfilmable, microwaveable, mineralizable, multivariable, nonabsorbable, noncancelable, noncomparable, nondeferrable, nondegradable, nondepletable, nondetachable, nondialyzable, nonexpendable, nonfilterable, nonmeasurable, nonnegotiable, nonperishable, nonrecyclable, nonrefillable, nonrefundable, nonreturnable, nonshrinkable, objectionable, paraphrasable, pronounceable, recommendable, reinforceable, replenishable, representable, semipermeable, substitutable, transferrable, transformable, transmittable, transportable, ultrareliable, unaccountable, unassimilable, unassuageable, uncomfortable, unconceivable, unconformable, unconquerable, uncontainable, uncorrectable, undeliverable, undescribable, undiagnosable, unenforceable, unexplainable, unfalsifiable, unfashionable, unforeseeable, unforgettable, unfulfillable, unimpeachable, uninhabitable, unjustifiable, unmentionable, unperformable, unpredictable, unpublishable, unreclaimable, unrecoverable, unrespectable, unsalvageable, unserviceable, unspecifiable, unsupportable, unsurpassable, unsustainable, unwarrantable, volatilizable14-letter wordsaccomplishable, camouflageable, computerizable, contradictable, crystallizable, diagonalizable, differentiable, discomfortable, discourageable, disrespectable, disserviceable, extinguishable, hyperexcitable, hyperirritable, impressionable, inapproachable, incommunicable, inconsiderable, incontrollable, indecipherable, indecomposable, indemonstrable, indeterminable, indiscoverable, insurmountable, irreconcilable, irreproachable, nonaccountable, noncondensable, nonfissionable, nonforfeitable, noninflammable, nonjusticiable, nonpolarizable, proportionable, rationalizable, rediscountable, reprogrammable, superimposable, thermoformable, transplantable, unapproachable, unattributable, unclassifiable, uncommunicable, unconscionable, uncontrollable, undecipherable, understandable, undeterminable, undiscoverable, unidentifiable, unprogrammable, unquantifiable, unquestionable, unrecognizable, unreconcilable, untranslatable15-letter wordsantifashionable, distinguishable, hendecasyllable, hypercoagulable, immunoassayable, incommensurable, indisciplinable, interchangeable, noncontrollable, nonquantifiable, nonsaponifiable, nonsedimentable, nontransferable, photodegradable, uncategorizable, unchallengeable, uncompromisable, uncopyrightable, unexceptionable, unknowledgeable, unobjectionable, unpronounceable16-letter wordsinextinguishable, nonbiodegradable, supercomfortable, superserviceable, ultrarespectable, ununderstandable17-letter wordsindistinguishable, intertranslatable, nonsuperimposable18-letter wordsintersubstitutable, noninterchangeable20-letter wordsradioimmunoassayable

abatable abdicable able abolishable abominable abradable absorbable abstractable abusable acceptable accomplishable accountable accreditable accruable achievable acquirable actable actionable adaptable addable addressable adjustable administrable admirable adoptable adorable adsorbable advisable affable affectable affirmable affixable affordable agglutinable agitable agreeable alienable alliable allocable allocatable allowable alterable amenable amendable amerciable amiable amicable amortizable amusable analyzable answerable anticipatable antifashionable appealable appeasable applaudable applicable apportionable appreciable approachable appropriable approvable arable arbitrable arguable articulable ascendable ascertainable ascribable assailable assessable assignable assimilable assumable atonable attachable attainable attemptable attributable auditable automatable available avoidable avowable awardable bailable bankable barrable bearable beatable beddable believable bendable biddable billable bindable bioavailable biodegradable bitable biteable blamable bleachable boatable boilable bondable bookable bootable breakable breathable bribable bridgeable buffable buildable burnable buyable cable calculable callable camouflageable cancelable cancellable canoeable capable cartable cascable cashable castable catchable causable censurable certifiable changeable chargeable charitable checkable chelatable cherishable chewable circulatable citable citeable claimable classifiable cleanable clearable cleavable climbable closable closeable clubable clubbable coachable coagulable codable cogitable cognizable coinable collectable colorable combinable comfortable commandable commendable commensurable committable communicable commutable companionable comparable compassable compellable compensable compoundable computable computerizable concealable conceivable condemnable condensable conditionable condonable conferrable confessable confirmable confiscable confiscatable conformable connectable conscionable considerable consignable constable construable consumable containable contestable contradictable contrastable controllable conversable cookable copyrightable correctable correlatable countable coverable covetable creditable criticizable crossable crunchable crushable crystallizable culpable cultivable cultivatable curable curbable cuttable damnable danceable datable dateable debatable decasyllable deceivable decidable decipherable declarable declinable decomposable defendable deferrable definable deflectable deformable defrayable degradable delectable delegable deliverable demandable demonstrable demountable deniable denumerable dependable depletable deplorable deployable deportable depreciable derivable describable desirable despicable detachable detectable determinable deterrable detestable detonable detonatable developable devisable diagnosable diagnoseable diagonalizable diagrammable dialyzable differentiable dilatable diminishable dimmable dippable disable disagreeable disavowable discardable discernable dischargeable disciplinable discomfortable discountable discourageable discoverable discreditable discriminable discussable dishonorable dislikable dislikeable dispensable displaceable displayable disposable disprovable disputable disreputable disrespectable disserviceable dissociable dissolvable dissyllable distinguishable distractable distrainable disyllable dividable doable documentable doubtable dowable downloadable draftable dramatizable drapable drapeable drawable drillable drinkable drivable driveable droppable dryable dubitable dupable durable dutiable dyable dyeable eatable editable educable effable effaceable ejectable electable embarrassable embossable embraceable emendable employable emulsifiable enable encashable endorsable endurable enforceable enjoyable enlargeable enterable enumerable enunciable enviable equable equiprobable equitable eradicable erasable erectable escheatable establishable estimable evadable evitable evocable evolvable exactable examinable exceptionable exchangeable excisable excitable excludable excusable execrable executable exercisable exorable expandable expectable expellable expendable expiable explainable explicable exploitable exportable extendable extinguishable extractable extraditable extricable extrudable eyeable fable faceable factorable fadable falsifiable farmable fashionable fathomable fatigable favorable feedable fellable fermentable fertilizable fileable filmable filterable filtrable finable findable fineable fireable fishable fissionable fittable fixable flammable flappable flushable flyable foamable focusable foilable foldable fordable forecastable foreseeable forfeitable forgeable forgettable forgivable formable formalizable formidable framable frameable frankable friable furlable gable gainable gelable generable generalizable getable getatable gettable giveable gleanable gnawable governable gradable grantable graphitizable graspable grazable grazeable groupable growable guessable guidable gullable gustable habitable handleable hangable harvestable hatable hatchable hateable healable hearable heatable helpable hendecasyllable heritable hewable hidable hirable hireable holdable honorable honourable hospitable huggable hummable huntable hydrolyzable hypercoagulable hyperexcitable hyperirritable hypermutable hypnotizable identifiable ignitable ignorable illaudable illimitable illuminable imaginable imitable immeasurable immedicable immensurable immitigable immovable immunoassayable immutable impalpable impassable impeachable impeccable impenetrable imperceivable imperishable impermeable imperturbable implacable implantable imponderable importable impracticable impregnable impressionable improbable improvable impugnable imputable inadvisable inalienable inalterable inappeasable inapplicable inappreciable inapproachable inarable inarguable incalculable incapable inclinable includable incommensurable incommunicable incommutable incomparable incomputable inconceivable inconsiderable inconsolable inconsumable incontestable incontrollable incorporable increasable inculpable incunable incurable indecipherable indeclinable indecomposable indefatigable indefinable indemonstrable indescribable indeterminable indictable indisciplinable indiscoverable indispensable indisputable indissociable indistinguishable indomitable indubitable ineducable ineffable ineffaceable ineluctable inenarrable inequitable ineradicable inescapable inestimable inevitable inexcusable inexorable inexpiable inexplainable inexplicable inexpugnable inextinguishable inextricable inferable inflammable inflatable inflectable influenceable inhabitable inheritable inhospitable inimitable injectable innumerable inoperable insatiable inscrutable inseparable insociable insolvable instable insufferable insuperable insupportable insurable insurmountable integrable interchangeable interminable interoperable interpretable intersubstitutable intertranslatable intolerable intractable intuitable invaluable invariable investable inviable inviolable invulnerable ionizable irradicable irreclaimable irreconcilable irrecoverable irrecusable irredeemable irreformable irrefragable irrefutable irremeable irremediable irremovable irreparable irrepealable irreplaceable irreproachable irresolvable irretrievable irrevocable irritable isolable isolatable issuable jettisonable joinable justiciable justifiable keepable kickable kissable kneadable knowable knowledgeable labelable lamentable lapsable laudable laughable leachable learnable leasable lendable leviable liable licensable lienable liftable likable likeable limitable linable lineable linkable listable listenable litigable livable liveable loanable localizable locatable lockable losable lovable loveable machinable machineable magnetizable mailable maintainable makable makeable malleable manageable maneuverable manipulable manipulatable mappable marketable marriageable maskable matchable measurable mechanizable medicable medicinable meltable memorable memorizable mendable mensurable mentionable merchantable metabolizable metastable microfilmable microwavable microwaveable millable minable mineable mineralizable miserable missable mistakable mixable mockable modifiable moldable monosyllable mountable movable moveable multivariable mutable namable nameable navigable negotiable nestable nettable nonabsorbable nonaccountable nonarable nonbiodegradable nonbreakable nonburnable noncallable noncancelable noncomparable noncondensable noncontrollable noncrushable nondeferrable nondegradable nondepletable nondetachable nondialyzable nondurable nonexpendable nonfilterable nonfissionable nonflammable nonforfeitable noninflammable noninterchangeable nonjusticiable nonmalleable nonmeasurable nonnegotiable nonperishable nonpolarizable nonquantifiable nonrecyclable nonrefillable nonrefundable nonrenewable nonrepayable nonreturnable nonreusable nonsalable nonsaponifiable nonsedimentable nonshrinkable nonsinkable nonsuperimposable nontaxable nontransferable nonviable normalizable notable noticeable notifiable numberable numerable obeyable objectionable observable obtainable obviable octosyllable openable operable opposable orderable organizable outfable overable ownable oxidable oxidizable pacifiable packable palatable palpable parable paraphrasable pardonable parsable passable patentable pawnable payable peaceable peccable peelable penetrable pensionable perceivable perdurable performable perishable permeable permutable personable persuadable perturbable photodegradable photolyzable pilferable pitiable pivotable placable placeable plantable playable pleadable pleasurable pliable plowable pocketable polarizable polysyllable ponderable portable postponable potable pourable practicable precipitable predicable predictable preferable pregnable presentable preservable presumable preventable previable printable probable processable procurable profitable programmable projectable promotable pronounceable propagable proportionable prosecutable provable prunable publishable pulverable pulverizable punishable purchasable pyrolyzable qualifiable quantifiable quenchable questionable quotable radiable radioimmunoassayable raisable ratable rateable rationalizable reachable readable readjustable realizable reapable reasonable rebuttable recallable recappable receivable rechargeable reclaimable reclosable recognizable recommendable reconcilable reconfigurable recordable recoupable recoverable rectifiable recyclable redeemable rediscountable redoubtable reefable reelable referable refillable reformable refundable refutable regenerable registerable registrable regrettable rehydratable reimbursable reinforceable relatable releasable reliable relievable relishable relocatable remarkable remediable rememberable remittable removable removeable renderable renegotiable renewable rentable repairable reparable repayable repealable repeatable replaceable replenishable repleviable replicable reportable representable reproachable reprogrammable reputable resalable rescuable resealable researchable resectable reservable resettable resolvable respectable respirable restartable restorable restrainable retable retractable retrainable retrievable returnable reusable revealable reviewable revisable revivable revocable revokable revolvable rewardable ridable rideable rinsable rippable ropable rotatable roundtable rowable ruinable rulable rustable sable sailable salable saleable salvable salvageable sanctionable saponifiable satiable satirizable satisfiable saturable savable saveable sayable scalable scannable screenable scrubbable scrutable sealable searchable seasonable sedimentable seeable seisable seizable selectable sellable semblable semipermeable sendable separable servable serviceable settleable severable sewable shakable shakeable shamable shapable shapeable sharable shareable shavable shedable shiftable shippable shockable showable shrinkable singable sinkable sizable sizeable skiable skippable slakable sliceable slidable smokable smokeable sociable solvable sorbable sortable soundable sowable spallable sparable spareable speakable specifiable spendable spillable spoilable spottable spreadable squeezable stable stackable stageable stainable statable stateable statutable stealable steerable stonable stoppable storable stowable stretchable strippable suable subdividable sublimable substitutable subsumable sufferable suitable summable summarizable summonable superable supercomfortable superimposable superposable superserviceable supportable supposable surfable surmountable surpassable survivable sustainable swallowable swayable swimmable switchable syllable table takable takeable talkable tamable tameable tannable targetable tarnishable tastable taxable teachable tearable tellable temperable temptable tenable tenantable tenurable terminable testable thermoformable thermostable thinkable throttleable tillable tiltable timetable tippable tithable titrable titratable tolerable totable touchable traceable tractable tradable tradeable trafficable trailerable trainable transferable transferrable transformable transfusable translatable transmittable transmutable transplantable transportable transposable traversable treasonable treasurable treatable triable trisyllable triturable trustable tubbable tunable tuneable turnable turntable typable typeable ultrareliable ultrarespectable unable unacceptable unaccountable unactable unadaptable unadoptable unaffordable unalienable unalterable unamenable unamiable unanalyzable unanswerable unappealable unappeasable unapproachable unarguable unassailable unassimilable unassuageable unattainable unattributable unavailable unavoidable unbearable unbeatable unbelievable unbendable unbreachable unbreakable unbreathable unbridgeable unbudgeable unbuildable unburnable uncapturable uncatchable uncategorizable unchallengeable unchangeable uncharitable uncheckable unchewable unclassifiable unclimbable unclubbable uncomfortable uncommunicable uncompromisable unconceivable unconformable unconquerable unconscionable uncontainable uncontrollable uncopyrightable uncorrectable uncountable uncrossable uncrushable uncultivable undanceable undauntable undebatable undecidable undecipherable undefinable undeliverable undeniable undependable understandable undescribable undesirable undetectable undeterminable undiagnosable undiscoverable undisputable undoable undoubtable undrinkable uneatable uneducable unelectable unemployable unendurable unenforceable unenviable unescapable unexceptionable unexcitable unexplainable unfalsifiable unfashionable unfathomable unfavorable unfindable unflappable unflyable unforeseeable unforgettable unforgivable unfulfillable ungovernable ungraspable unguessable unidentifiable unifiable unignorable unimaginable unimpeachable uninhabitable uninsurable unjustifiable unknowable unknowledgeable unlearnable unlikable unlistenable unlivable unlovable unmanageable unmarketable unmatchable unmeasurable unmemorable unmentionable unmistakable unmixable unmodifiable unmovable unnameable unnegotiable unnoticeable unobjectionable unobservable unobtainable unopenable unpalatable unpardonable unpassable unpatentable unperformable unplayable unpredictable unprintable unprofitable unprogrammable unpronounceable unprovable unpublishable unquantifiable unquenchable unquestionable unreachable unreadable unrealizable unreasonable unreclaimable unrecognizable unreconcilable unrecoverable unrecyclable unredeemable unreliable unremarkable unremovable unrepeatable unresolvable unrespectable unreturnable unreviewable unridable unsalable unsalvageable unsayable unscalable unsearchable unseasonable unsellable unserviceable unshakable unshockable unsinkable unslakable unsociable unsolvable unspeakable unspecifiable unstable unstoppable unsuitable unsupportable unsurpassable unsustainable untamable unteachable untenable untestable unthinkable untillable untouchable untraceable untranslatable ununderstandable unusable unutterable unverifiable unviable unwarrantable unwatchable unwearable unwinnable unworkable upgradable upgradeable usable useable utilizable utterable valuable vanquishable vaporizable variable vegetable vendable venerable verifiable veritable viable viewable vindicable violable visitable vitiable vitrifiable vocable voidable volatilizable votable voteable vulnerable wadable wadeable walkable warrantable washable wastable watchable wearable weighable weldable wettable whistleable willable windable winnable wirable withdrawable workable worktable writable

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