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What is required for electrons to flow?

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Initial velocity (in air/vacuum) or/and electric potential.

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Why is a complete path required for the current to flow?

If there is no complete path, excess electrons will very quickly build up at some place, and repel further electrons - no more current will thus flow.

What does an electric circuit provide for the flow of electric current?

For an electric current to flow, a path is required, where electrons (or other charged particles) can flow. A voltage is also necessary.

In a circuit electric current is flow of?

It is a flow of electrons.

What is difference between flow of charges and flow of electrons?

flow of charge is different from flow of electrons because flow charge is the no of electrons passing per unit time threw a conductor

What happens when electrons flow?

When Electrons flow, they create a electrical current.

A path along which electrons can flow?

electrons can flow through circuits.

How electricity produced in a electrons flow in a conductor?

Electricity is a flow of electrons.

Difference between hole flow and electron flow?

in a semiconductor the flow of protons are known as hole flow while the flow of electrons are known as electrons flow.

A flow of electrons in a definite direction is called?

The flow of electrons means a flow of current in the opposite direction

What is the electricity that flows using a flow of electrons?

all electricity is the flow of electrons.

What will flow in a wire if electrons flow from negative terminal to positive terminal?

Electricity. This is the normal flow of electrons in a wire.

What end of a battery does the electrons flow out of?

In a current the electrons flow out of the negative end of the battery.

Air has been removed and electrons flow?

air has been removed and electrons flow

What energy is the flow of electrons?

the flow of electrons is electrical energy

What is the flow of electrons through a conduction called?

Current is the flow of electrons through a conductor

What gives electrons there electricity?

Electrons don't have electricity they only posses energy, Electricity is defined as the flow of electrons! In conductors the flow of valence electrons are called Electricity! therefore inducing a current in it! generally the direction of flow the current is the opposite of the direction of flow of electrons(D.C)!

What electrons are electricity?

Electricity is the flow of electrons. Your question does not make sense. All electrons can flow, thus can be part of "electricity".

How does electric current flow?

it is the flow of electrons

Does current flow?

A current is a flow of electrons.

Flow of electrons through a conductor?

The term used for the flow of electrons through a conductor is amperage.

Define electrical grounding?

electricity if the flow of electrons. Electrical grounding is the flow of electrons to the earth.

Does an insulator allow the flow of electrons?

Yes . Some insulators do allow the flow of electrons but most do not.

What is the opposite to the flow of electrons through a circuit?

The opposite to the flow of electrons is known as "Conventional Current"

What is electic current?

nucleons have electrons that may leave the orbit if enough EMF is present causing electrons to flow by placement. WHILE ELECTRONS FLOW ONE WAY LACK OF ELECTRONS FLOW THE OTHER WAY

What is a steady flow of electrons called?

A steady flow of electrons in one direction is called electric current. Current is the flow of electrons. If it reverses constantly, it's called AC.