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You need head lights and mirrors and some reflecters would be nice too!

I looked at this once and in Nevada you are required to have all the safety equipement of a car. many quads come with a brake lights and headlights so that's ok, but you need turn indicators, mirrors, and a speedomoter. If you don't have a speedomoter, I know a guy that mounted one on his and left the cable go under the seat, (they didn't look to see if it actually worked) You may need to check into seat belt laws also. Since a quad had 4 wheels like a car, it might be required by law?

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 17:41:34
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Q: What is required to convert a quad to make it road legal?
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What a quad needs to have to be road legal?

Quads are not street legal, and nothing you can do will make it street legal. It is illegal to drive a quad on any highway, period.

Can a 700 quad be street legal?

I don't think any quad can be street legal because it has four wheels and because of that it follows the same rules as a car and their are some things that can't be done to a quad that could make it street legal.

What type of license is needed to operate a street legal quad bike?

a simple full car licence is required

How do you get a quad to be legal on the road?

No, you can't make a quad road legal. It lacks the signaling and safety equipment required to be road safe. Quads are for recreational purposes only. some people can be so negative, the law requires you have certain mechanical and safety devices to make a vehicle legal to drive on the streets, find out what the list is from your DMV and yes you can make it legal. these safety devices are usually brake lights, turn signals, head lights etc. You will also need to get a license plate/tags/insurance.

Are quad bikes road legal in Australia?

No, quad bikes are not road legal in Australia. Quad bikes are 4 wheel bikes that are top heavy and have a high center of gravity and are used mostly for recreational driving.

Can you use a UK full driving license to drive a road legal quad?


Can you ride a quad at 17 on the road?

no u have 2 be 18 and have a road legal quad to drive on the roads

What is the voltage required for quad processor?

depends on quad processor type: For example Quad Processor Q8400 VID Voltage Range: 0.8500V-1.3625V

Is it law to wear a helmet on a road legal quad?


Is it legal to tow a quad?

not if your a repo person with a licence

Who to get a quad bike number plate?

You can have quad bike registration numbers, but only if they're road legal. Most quads' are road legal, e.g. Aeon Crossfire 300.

Can you ride a quad bike on the road in the UK?

Yes, as long as you have a drivers licence and the quad bike is fully road legal.

How old do have to be to quad bike in kildare?

offroad u should be 16 and on roads u have to be 18 and have a road legal quad

Is it legal to ride a quad bike in Florida?

Help please...?

How do you get a quad street legal in Ohio?

You cannot get an ATV quad street legal in Ohio because Ohio law does not allow them to access roads. You are allowed to ride on the shoulder as long as you do not access the street.

Can you have a passenger on a road legal quad?

Only if its intended to seat 2.

Where is it legal to ride a dirt bike or quad in CT?

The tohmaston dam

What is the Legal age for a passenger to be on a quad bike on the road?

8yrs old

What age do you have to be to drive a road legal quad on the road in the UK?

To drive a road legal quad in the UK you need to be the same age as you would be to drive a car or ride a motorcycle, a minimum of 17 years of age.

How can you turn a non street legal ATV or Quad into a street legal ATV or Quad?

No this is not possible this is because an ATV or quad does not meet the height requirements of Florida state highway. This is because a vehicle that short would be hard to see from a fellow vehicle and thus making the situation very dangerous.

Which license do you need to ride a road legal quad bike?

In UK at least a full B1 you cannot ride a quad on a motorbike just need a full UK drivers license to drive a quad (if your in the UK), you also don't need to wear a helmet as its not a legal issue :D

Where can one purchase road legal quad bikes?

There are many places where one could purchase road legal quad bikes online. One could purchase these bikes from online shopping websites such as Amazon or eBay.

Can you make a automatic quad into a standard quad?

not without EXTENSIVE and EXPENSIVE work done.

Can you drive a quad bike on the road at the age of 16?

Law will vary by state on the age that you an operate a quad at all. In most states, a quad is not street legal so you probably shouldn't be driving it on the road at all. That's why it is called an off road vehicle.Answeri think the law is if you are riding the quad within a certain radius of your farm then it is ok you should not drive on A roads. you will have to pass a full car driving licence before using a quad (ATV) on the road you quad will then need to display L plates on the quads you must also ensure that your quad is road legal and if you are carry passengers the quad safety manual will say if is safe and legal to do so

Legal age in the UK for a quad bike?

17 years or 16 if disabled.