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A rest potential is the potential difference between two sides of the membrane of nerve cells when the cell is not conducting an impulse. =)

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Energy at rest?

Potential energy is the answer because potential energy is an energy at rest.

Is energy at rest potential or kinetic energy?

Its potential energy....

Energy of rest is?


Does an ball at rest have elastic potential energy?

No. It has gravitational potential energy.

Is energy at rest a Potential energy or kinetic energy?

a energy at rest is potential energy. because kinetic energy is a energy in motion.

How can an object at rest have energy?

An object at rest can have potential energy, which is stored energy.

What does an object have when moving that it doesn't have when at rest?

An object has kinetic energy when it is moving and not when it is at rest. When it is at rest it has potential energy.

It is the membrane potential of a neuron at rest?

Yes,the membrane potential of a neuron is at rest because it is the difference in electrical charge between inside and outside a resting neuron.

The step in which the membrane potential returns to rest?


When a cell is at rest it is in a state called the?

resting potential

What is the another name of potential energy?

the another name of potential energy is stored enrgy or energy at rest

What is the difference between a resting potential and an action potential?

When a neuron is at rest, it is called resting potential. When information is sent down on axon through neuron, it is called action potential.

What are characteristics of potential energy?

They are only possesed when a body is at rest

Difference between potential and kenetic energy?

Potential energy is when the particles are at rest and kinetic energy is when the particles are in motion.

Is a book placed on the top of a table at rest or in motion?

It should be at rest but will have potential energy based on the height of the table.

What is the kinetic energy of an object at rest?

i think,it has no kinetic energy involve because a body at rest has its potential energy.

The different charge between the outside and the inside of a neuron at rest is called?

Potential, ok well we all know it's a potential, but which one? Is it Action Potential, Synaptic Potential or Membrane Potential. Just saying Potential isn't saying much?

What do you call an electricity at rest?

An energy that is stored is called potential energy.

How potential energy formed?

When an object is placed obove the ground !is at rest !

Is a playground swing a kinetic or a potential form of energy?

The swing in motion has kinetic energy, while if it's at rest it has potential energy.

Is sleeping potential or kinetic energy?

Potential energy. Potential energy is the energy a body possesses while at rest. Kinetic energy is the energy a body possesses due to its motion.

What is a nerve membrane at rest called?

When the neural membrane (neurolemma) is at rest it is said to have resting potential, polarized, and has a negative charge inside.

What is energy at rest?

Potential energy is energy at rest. Kinetic energy is energy at motion. When your body is moving you are using kinetic energy.

Definition objects at rest?

An object that has no kinetic energy, only potential energy.

What must happen before a second nerve impulse can be generated?

rest potential