What is retrocrural adenopathy?

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Enlarged lymph nodes in the space in the inferior and posterior mediastinum between the crura of the diaphragm.
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What is pathological adenopathy?

Pathological adenopathy means that glands are enlarged. Thisusually is used to refer to the lymph nodes when they are enlarged.

What does bulky bilateral axillary adenopathy mean?

what is bilateral axillary adenopathy? In the medical sense bulky is used to describe lymph nodes that aren't just palpable (able to be felt with gentle massage of fingertip

What does no bulky adenopathy withing the pelvis mean?

Adenopathy is the term used to describe enlargement or disease ofthe glands, especially lymph nodes. In medical terms, bulkydescribes a "cancer with a considerable tumor burde

Is thyroiditis a type of adenopathy?

Yes. Thyroiditis is an inflammation of the thyroid gland that can be from a variety of causes, and the term adenopathy is an 'umbrella' term that is used to mean a dysfunction

What is calcified bilateral hilar adenopathy?

To break it down, here are definitions of all of those words, and then a summary: Bilateral: On both sides, as opposed to unilateral (on one side). Hilar: Of or relating to

What is retroperitoneal adenopathy?

It's the swelling of the lymph nodes located outside or behind one of the the peritoneums. The parietal peritoneum is the portion that lines the abdominal and pelvic cavit

What is subcarinal adenopathy?

Subcarinal adenopathy is the enlargement of lymph nodes in adesignated area of your body. It is diagnosed with an X-ray.

What is periportal adenopathy?

Periportal adenopathy is an increase in lymph nodes around theportal vein. The main cause is typically infection such asbacterial conjunctivitis and throat infection.