What is rocinha like?

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overcrowded, polluted, dirty.

What was she like?

She was an African American and sometime in her life master brodas through a weight into her head.

Do i like you?

ahhahahahh i dont even know you lol

How do you get her to like me?

You can't really get somebody to like u but if u just b urself around her she'll like u 4 who u r. and flirt a bit but don't over do it. if she has done somin differe

How will you no if he likes you?

Well, There are many signs of a guy liking you...here they are: 1. He will talk to you a lot 2. If you look at him and he quikly looks away, he might like you 3. He s

Why do people live in rocinha?

people live in rocinha because they are tryng to find better jobs in order to earn money for their family.
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What can one buy from the store Rocinha?

Rocinha is the largest favela in Brazil and is located in Rio de Janeiro's South Zone between Sao Conrado and Gavea. In Rocinha one can buy things such as daily essentials an