What is role of a mosquito fish in an aquatic ecosystem?


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The role of a mosquito fish is to eat mosquito's.

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Mosquito larvae plays an integral role in the aquatic food chain by being a nutrient packed food source for fish and other aquatic animals.

Yes, conch shells have an important role in their ecosystem. The actual shell part of the conch is used to protect the aquatic creature from predators.

To eat the other fish and protect their group!!

The wrigglers of mosquitoes which lived in swamp areas serve as food for other fresh marine animals...

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Birds play a major role in the marine ecosystem by eating fish and passing bird droppings.

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eating fish. Also, the squid is the main food source for many organisms.

the tiger mosquito is good for the ecosystem, because it's a great food source for small animals. it is also bad, because it spreads yellow fever and west nile virus to both animals and people.

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An organism's particular role in an ecosystem is called a niche.

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well the traditional job of the female mosquito is to collect the blood

Q.What is the role of phytoplankton in an aquatic ecosystem? Ans.Phytoplankton are microscopic plants which obtain their energy via photosynthesis. They are important to the aquatic ecosystem because they are part of the primary producing community and assist in recycling elements such as carbon and sulphur which are required elsewhere in the community . They live suspended in the water environment, and form a very important part of the freshwater community. They move via convection or wind induced currents. In almost every habitat of a freshwater ecosystem, thousands of these organisms can be found, and due to their small size and simplicity, they are capable of occupying large expanses of water and multiplying at an exponential rate.

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