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What is rotation?

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A rotation is when the earth spins.It takes 24 hours to rotate fully one time. The side facing the sun is in daylight, the side facing away is in night. An interesting fact is that in order for us to experience 365 days in a year, the Earth has to rotate 366 times as it revolves around the sun in that year. Rotation is a circular motion, to go around.

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Q: What is rotation?
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Is the earth rotation prograde rotation or retrograde rotation?

Earth's rotation is a Prograde Rotation

What is internal rotation?

Internal rotation refers to the rotation towards the axis of the body. External rotation refers to the rotation away from the center of the body.

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The sun has two types of period of rotation, the sidereal rotation period and the synodic rotation period. The sidereal rotation period is 24.47 days. The synodic rotation period is 26.24 days.

Which describes a transformation using rotation?

The centre of rotation, the angle of rotation and, unless the angle is 180 degrees, the direction of rotation.

How is the Moon's rotation different from Earth's?

The moon's rotation is not as fast as the Earth's rotation.

How does retrograde rotation compared with the rotation of Earth?

It means that the rotation is in the opposite direction.

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