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Rudyard was his middle name. He was born Joseph Rudyard Kipling.


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Caroline "Carrie" Kipling (nee Balesteir)

Caroline "Carrie" Kipling (nee Balestier)

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Joseph Rudyard Kipling was born December 30th, 1865

There is no lion character in Rudyard Kiplings Jungle Book

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Mowgli is the hero & central character in Rudyard Kiplings' "The Jungle Book"

Caroline "Carrie" Kipling (nee Balesteir)

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It is an anime adaptation of Rudyard Kiplings original story.

Mowgli in Rudyard Kiplings The Jungle Book.

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Kipling was born Joseph Rudyard Kipling so his "pen name" was his actual middle & last name.

Kipling had three children (in order of birth) Josephine, Elsie, and John.

Akela isn't a what but a who. He is the alpha wolf of the Seeonee wolf pack in Rudyard Kiplings "The Jungle Book"

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John Kipling died in 1915 fighting in World War I at the Battle of Loos.

Mowgli is a fictional feral child character created in Rudyard Kiplings short story.......

How the Elephant got his trunk is part of Rudyard Kiplings Just so stories

John Kipling was killed at the Battle of Loos in 1915.

1894 was the year that the first collection of short stories called "the Jungle Book" was published

Rudyard comes from the Old English. Literally translated it means "red yard".In the case of Joseph Rudyard Kipling however his middle (later pen) name was taken from Rudyard Lake, a popular resort near the Staffordshire moorlands, where his parents 1st met.

Rudyard Kipling's birth name is Kipling, Joseph Rudyard.

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