What is sales and marketing?

Sales and Marketing

These are terms mistakingly used interchangeably. To explain the difference, let us go through the different processes from starting the business to handling the products to the end user and identify which is marketing and whcih is selling.

1) Study the market needs. See what the consumer wants. Marketing

2) Study the market offers. what competitors are currently offering in terms of price, location, etc. Marketing

3) Brainstorm on the approaches and strategies to be used to satisfy the customers in terms of price, location, messages, tone of voice, and so on. Marketing

4) Tell and advice the people whom are going to meet the clients what to say and what not to say. Marketing

5) Convince the customer to buy. Sales

6) Get proper feedback from the customer about their experience. Marketing

i believe you can get the sense of the difference between them.

Sales and marketing are another set of business terms that are often used interchangeably. Selling and marketing, however, are not one and the same. In fact, marketing and sales are two completely different activities.

Marketing encompasses a broad spectrum of activities. These are, primarily: promtion, distribution, pricing, and advertising.

Selling is NOT marketing.

Selling is the process by which I convince a prospective buyer to barter my services or products for money or other services or products.

When you are one on one with a prospect, sales is the techniques and tools you use to get someone to sign a contract or make a purchase. Marketing activities support sales efforts. They are what you do to attract potential customers before a sale is ever made.

For example, say you create a new kind of chewing gum. There are very few people that would buy it without some kind of packaging and labeling. This is an act of marketing. Without marketing, the sales process becomes an almost impossible feat.

Marketing is the set of processes that include determining channels of distribution, pricing, and developing the "brand".

A Layman's Answer Marketing is the umbrella of processes that allow a brand to communicate the advantages of the product or service they offer to a viable customer or set of customers through a series of coordinate and planned efforts that deteremine where the product is sold, at what price, when and how. Sales is the process by which a product or service is bartered against money or other goods.