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Once the laptop is inside, the whole bag can open up like a clamshell and there is a "ScanSmart" plastic window that looks into the laptop compartment. This is supposed to be a feature that makes it easy for TSA screeners to screen your laptop at the airport. Since nothing else sits behind the laptop, by opening the bag like a clamshell it leaves the laptop side all alone without your other pockets full of stuff obscuring the x-ray image. However, as far as I knew the TSA requires all laptops to be completely removed anyway so your mileage may vary with this feature. There are several other pockets with a lot of good storage space for things like folders, pens, keys or other computer accessories. There is a dedicated MP3 player pocket inside with a little hole to push headphones through that I think will come in really handy. The TWO water bottle holders on the sides are stretchy elastic and my extra wide 32oz. bottle fits in easily. The back of the pack and the shoulder straps are both pretty cushy and there is a small elastic band on the back of the strap to hold your sunglasses if you want. The materials throughout all appear very sturdy and feel substantial. There's also a sturdy handle on the top of the bag to pick it up by or carry that way if you choose. hope tht helped!
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Why was the backpack invented?

Answer . To help people carry their stuff instead of having to carry it themselves In order to carry more things.

What are Backpacking advantages?

The biggest advantage is that you will save a lot of money, especially if you are looking at budget backpacking. The best advantage though is that you will actually be able to experience what it's really like in an area, rather than just see what it's like in the touristy parts.

When was the backpack invented?

It cannot be known. Backpacks of some form have been used since before recorded history. Humans have been carrying things over their shoulders and on their back for thousands of year, and there's no way of telling when a crude bundle turned into something we'd recognize as a backpack.

What is the best backpack?

It really depends upon what you're doing. If you need one for schoolcal packs are great i had one for 3rd grade and it lasted the whole year with out breaking it was cool. they sell them on amazon for $50. it was the best backpack i ever used. . P.S. i don't work for the company i am 9 years old i ( Full Answer )

How do you backpack Europe?

"Backpacking" is traveling while living out of only a backpack, usually while staying in hostels. Europe is a great place to backpack, because the large volume of travelers means a good support system. If you are intending to backpack Europe, try purchasing a guide book designed for low-budget trave ( Full Answer )

Where was the backpack made?

The backpack was coined in the U.S. in the 1910s. The origin is unknown, because they were used thousands of years ago, however in different forms.

Who invented backpacks?

Impossible to say. Humans have been carrying things over their shoulders and on theirbacks for thousands of years, and there's no way of telling when acrude sack turned into something we would recognize as a backpack.

What is an ivar backpack?

Ivar is the brand name of a new line of daypacks that are based on an internal shelving design system that is patent protected. The angled internal shelfs (that are sewn in) create ideal weight distribution and stability for better comfort. The shelves also organize contents.\n. \nAccording to the ( Full Answer )

How are backpacks made?

They are to complex to be made by hand though it is possible. Backpacks are made by machines in factories.

Where do you get a backpack on Poptropica?

the backpacks were here a long time ago but sadly there are no more but you can customize something that looks like a backpack by clicking on the customizer and on the person

What is the history of backpacks?

Jesus had the first backpack they called it a satchel. in 1832 Christifer columbus made a satchel that everybody used when there needed to take a poopy. Then in 1930 Winsten Churchhill made the duffel bag and then in 2003 Dr.Backpack made the modern back pack.

How do you get the backpack on Poptropica?

you can only get the backpack if u change your whole person by pressing ctrl shift and r when u press this the whole person will change you can also get a basketball, cell phone , necklace and a football

How do you start to be a backpacker?

Well, the first step to becoming a backpacker is starting to train. You could start by walking a mile with a backpack full of books or if you are physically able, climbing stairs with a backpack is a good workout. When you have started training, it would be a good time to start buying backpacking ( Full Answer )

How do you pack your backpack?

The general rule of packing your backpack is that the heavier items will go at the top, this may seem strange as the lower back is stronger but it than means that the weight is distributed more evenly and you have better balance. The things you need the most/frequently should be in side pouches, in ( Full Answer )

Where can you get a backpack purse?

Louis Vuitton has gorgeous backpack purses. But if you're looking for something less pricey, it's not the right way to go.

How do you get a backpack on Poptropica?

There often found on the main street of an island. The Poptropicans usually who are in main street have them, but unfortunately some of them rarely appear.

What is backpacking?

Backpacking is where you hike or travel around with all of your posessions in a backpack on your back. There are several different types of backpacking. My favorite being budget backpacking. It's a wonderful way to experience different cultures and areas. Another use of backpacking is on onl ( Full Answer )

Where were backpacks invented?

gwatalahora! :) i love saying that wordd! :) it was really invented in spain in 1972! :) your welcome! :)

How do you make a backpack?

first off get fabric. Look back at your grade 7 years of sewing class, and use that as your guide. Then put things that are important in the bag (I would recommend the the abondaned building on Main.. they sell bombs for cheap)

What type of backpack is this?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MwXtB0dv5A4 at 1:38 of the video. Or at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t8BdPJeP7Vw :37 seconds of this video =]

Who invented backpacks and when?

Ancient man carried stuff on his back, in packs made of wood and skins. The nice packs we carry now are derivations of that. [1] The backpack wasn't invented, it evolved from a need that has always existed, getting better and better with time and technology. . Terminology [2] . The word ba ( Full Answer )

Can you carry on a backpack?

Yes, you can take a backpack on a plane as carry-on luggage as long as it still fits the size and weight restrictions for carry-on baggage.

How do you wash a backpack?

Regular wash in the washer BUT hang it out to dry-do not put it in the dryer as it will shrink!

How can you find your backpack?

There are a lot of good stores out there , depends on where you live . Since I live in Las Vegas the best stores out here for teenagers or preteens or Tillys , Zumiez , PacSun , Wet Seal . I hope this answered your question . ! :)

Why is a backpack important?

a backpack is important because when u collect an item there has to be a place to keep it. also,if a collected item is needed again then if u do not have a backpack where will u get from? so, if u ask me the backpack is one of the MOST important things.

Are backpacks allowed?

well it depends on what the place is if its a mall don't bring it. any rich and fancy place don't bring a back pack.

Where do you get jansport backpacks?

You can find jansport backpacks almost any where. Staples carries them, and you can usually find them at kohls or places like burlington coat factory, marshall's and TJ maxx.

What is in dora's backpack?

Dora the Explorer's backpack , voiced by Alexandria Suarez , plays the role of a 'Magic satchel' providing her with whatever she needs . (Her backpack is a lot like 'Felix the Cat' whose "Bag of Tricks" provided whatever he needed according to the situation.)

How do you get a backpack in RuneScape?

you can't really get a backpack on runescape. But i did know this guy named "the box noob" on runescape who was really famous back in 2006 because he glitched out a few wielded weapons from a quest. some are: the grain sack which u could wear on ur back and the brown chicken which u could hold in ur ( Full Answer )

Are backpacks out of fashion?

nope...in fact, i'd say that they are coming into fashion. Especially if they look vintage, are leather (or faux leather), or are kinda different than the regular backpack.

What is the backpack in xian?

You can get it in Hong Kong or Xi'an, China. Either one. In Xi'an, China get it at the Muslims market. I was just their and it look like my bag but different things. trust me. Its so awesome. It looks like my friend Angela, I ask her where she got it from and she said Hong Kong. I saw te exact same ( Full Answer )

How do you clean a backpack?

What I usually do is get the crevice device on the vacuum and just start cleaning out the backpack with that.

Where can you get a gir backpack?

The best place to find anything Gir (including back packs) would be Hot Topic in your local mall or on hottopic.com

How do you get the backpack in GTA4?

Simple. There is No Backpack kiddo. Revision: 2/15/11: There is a Backpack but it's only for PC. It's the one you carry Drugs around in During raid's and it's the bag you carry in "Four Leaf Clover" where you Rob the Bank of Liberty.

Where can you get a cool backpack?

Depends on your need. A Backpack which could hold heavy materials could be good one to go for. There are lot of good manufacturers of Backpacks. Lightfighter is a manufacturer of many military backpacks such as Assault Packs, Medical Packs, Airborne Packs, Rucksacks etc. Amron is also a good m ( Full Answer )

Where the is my backpack?

Try to think of where you had it last. If it's still lost, check with anyone who may have borrowed it. Last resort, you may want to purchase a new one.OR you can look underneath/on maybe your bed,bathroom,and room.OR just use an old backpack so u wont have to buy another one.

How do you draw a backpack?

I would think of it as a soft box. Lightly, sketch a rough box shape, add some pockets and straps. Then, go over your lines continually refining to get the feel you want, that backpack feel.

How do you plan for backpacking?

write down on a piece of paper on things that you need to bring: water, sleeping bag, makeup, food, emergency kits, or other necessary things

Why is backpacks better?

They centre the weight of your load evenly over you shoulders which can reduce the chances of back injury and fatigue.

How do you get the glowstick out of your backpack?

Go to the top right - hand corner and you will see a bag. Click on it and a drop down list will come down. Click the drop down arrow and click on early poptropica. A bunch of little squares will appear and move your mouse through them until you find the glowstick. Click on use. (You have to be in th ( Full Answer )

What is a backpackers tourist?

Backpacker tourists are those tourist/ traveler that carry their own backpacks with their personal needs and necessary things needed for their survival for the whole duration of their travel. It is common to tourists who indulge themselves in CAMPING and Forest Hunting.

What is a ergonomic backpack?

Ergonomics as applied to backpack is mostly just a buzz word used by a high percentage of "Backpack johnny come latelys' as a sales tool. The application of ergonomics to backpacks increases as the contained weight in the backpack increases. There are some major ergonomic factors articles that break ( Full Answer )

Where did backpacks originate from?

Actually, there is evidence that even ancient people understood that they could carry items on their back. (In some cultures, water jugs were balanced on the head, but the back seems to have been more common for transporting certain things, depending on the weight and the shape of the item.) In the ( Full Answer )

When did Katniss get her backpack?

A t the start of the games, in the scene of the Cornucopia Bloodbath. She starts moving toward the Horn late, so it is a few seconds before she reaches it, and when she does there is about a minute in which she grapples for it with the boy from D.9 before she can officially "get" it.

What is good about a hybrid backpacking backpack?

As the only thing that came up when I googled this was a hard cased backpack, I'll have to answer based on that. The benefits to this are that if you were to drop it, you wouldn't damage the contents of it. The drawbacks to this design are that if you need to pass through areas, you'd need to ( Full Answer )

Where can you purchase backpacks?

Many retail stores carry backpacks for sale. Depending upon type of backpack, whether it be for hiking, or school, there are many options for purchase both online and in a brick and mortar store. Many big box stores such as Target or Walmart are likely to carry school backpacks, especially during th ( Full Answer )

Can you rent a backpack?

Yes, there are sporting goods stores such as REI that will rentbackpacks suitable for hiking or camping.

Is backpack a noun?

Yes, the word 'backpack' is both a verb and a noun . The noun 'backpack' is a word for a type of bag withshoulder straps designed to be worn on a person's back; a word fora thing. The noun forms of the verb to backpack are backpacker andthe gerund, backpacking .