What is scientific altitude?

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I don't understand what you mean by scientific altitude, so I have multiple answers. The first one is that you mean altitude in the scientific definition. According to Dictionary, the website, "The height of an object or structure above a reference level, usually above sea level or the Earth's surface." The second one is that you mean scientific attitude. According to Reference, the website, "Scientific attitudes refer to the behavioral dispositions expected in individuals who intend to become successful scientists. Scientific attitudes include respect for evidence, honesty, creativity, flexibility, curiosity, objectivity, and skepticism."

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While writing a scientific research paper Matt learned that weather balloons burst at an altitude of 27 km What is this altitude in meters?

27,000 meters (16.777 miles).

What are scientific altitude?

its the height measured above sea level. its the height measured above sea level.its sabi ni naizer...

Is there an altitude diagram?

Actually, there are diagrams formeridian altitudetemperature altitudesolar altitude

Is the temperature cooler in low altitude or higher altitude?

Higher altitude

How does temperature affect altitude?

Temperature does not affect altitude, altitude affects temperature.

What is the altitude of Tokyo?

What is the altitude of Tokyo?

What is the abbreviation for 'altitude'?


What is a sentence with the word altitude in it?

The plane was losing altitude.Altitude is not the same thing as attitude.We need more altitude or we will crash into the trees.The altitude sickness worsened.

What is the height above the earth's surface?

relative altitude or RADAR altitude. height above sea level is absolute altitude or Barometric altitude.

What are some example sentences using 'altitude'?

I have hiked up to the altitude of 14,000 feet. That airplane will be above the altitude of those clouds.

How do you calculate the altitude of a triangle?

Let the given area is 10cm. Base of the triangle is 4 cm. altitude of triangle=? Area= 1/2 x Base x altitude 10= 1/2 x 4x altitude 10=2 x altitude 10/2= altitude 5= altitude Hence, altitude of the triangle is 5 cm.

The opposite of altitude?

The opposite to altitude is depth.

What is the altitude of Beijing in meters?


How do you measure altitude?

Altitude is measured with an altimeter

How do you spell altitude in french?

altitude (fem.)

What is the altitude of the moon?

The moon is not considered to be at an altitude.

What is the maximum altitude of Romania?

The maximum altitude of Romania is Moldoveanu peak (2544 meters altitude).

What do you call of the altitude of a pyramid?

The distance from the apex to the base of a pyramid is known as the altitude.

What a good sentence for altitude?

I have only experienced altitude sickness once. This altitude makes me dizzy. The plane will now ascend to it's prescribed altitude.

How do you use the word altitude in a sentence?

I can give you several sentences.The plane is losing altitude.Altitude is measured in height above sea level.If the altitude reading is negative, you are going down.

What is cabin altitude?

Cabin Altitude is the 'Cabin pressure' in terms of equivalent altitude above sea level .

Does the stratosphere's altitude increase or decrease?

As we go up in height, altitude increases. Thus the altitude increases.

Does metal at a high altitude weigh more than metal at a low altitude?

No, altitude does not affect weight.

At what altitude does a High-Altitude Burst detonate?

Above 100,000 feet altitude (20 miles).

How the atmosphere vary with altitude?

Temperature decreases with increasing altitude, Also air concentration decreases with altitude.