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a phenomenon of nature that has been proven to invariably


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Scientific Law is proven and scientific principle is not

One example of scientific law, is The Law Of Gravity.

Proved, Universally accepted Scientific theory is Scientific Law.

scientific law is unlike a scientific theory in a sense that its the next step above a scientific theory.A scientific law is one that has been proven, a scientific theory has not been proven yet.

A law is the result of experiments realized by a scientific method.

Scientific law is proven (for the most part) and scientific theory is not proven yet."However scientific law is a law that cannot be broken.

A regular law has to do with the judicial system. A scientific law has to do with science.

the value of scientific law is the set of observations...

Scientific is an adjective; law is a noun.

BASIC ANSWER>! Scientific law is proven (for the most part) and scientific theory is not proven yet."However scientific law is a law that cannot be broken and scientific theory is an attempt to explain a pattern or a rule repeadetly observed in nature".

Scientific law means it WILL happen and i don't remeber scientific theroy. Sorry!

A scientific law is the description of a recurring event that occurs in nature. A scientific theory is an explanation of the law. The law does not change, but the theory may change when new data indicate that it needs to.

A scientific idea may be confirmed experimentally to become a law.

A scientific law states a pattern found in nature and a scientific theory explains that pattern

A scientific law may be constantly tested but, as if the outcomes are consistent with the predictions of the law, the law is not modified.

A scientific theory is an explanation of some natural phenomenon. A scientific law is a succinct statement of some aspect of a scientific theory.

A law is proven, a theory has yet to be proven

Scientific law is defined as a type of statement which is based on experiments and observations.

A "law" is just a simplified version of a theory.

A scientific law is based on many repeated correct experiments.

idk....scientific law is about...(somebody answer dese question)Scientific Law is a summary of many experimental results and observations; A law tells how things work.

a scientific law is a law in which the once-theory was tested in its theory and proven by experiment. an example of it is newton's law of gravity. a scientific theory is a theory in which it still needs to be proven. and example of it is the big bang theory.

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