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Gleditsia triacanthos

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Q: What is scientific name for honey locust?
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What is the scientific name for Honey Locust Tree?

The name would be Gleditsia triacanthos.

What is the scientific name for the Lepidoptera known as the Honey locust moth?

The accepted scientific name is Sphingicampa bicolor.

What is the scientific name for North Carolina locust?

what is the carolina locust scientific name

What is the Genus Species name for a Honey Locust tree?

Honey locust's scientific, Latin name is Gleditsia G. triacanthos. There is also at least one sub-species, including the thorn-less G. t. inermis. Honey locusts are part of the family Fabaceae.

What is Green locust scientific name?

The Green Locust is a species of tree that grows in North America. Its Scientific name is the Robinia Pseudoacacia. It is also commonly known as Black Locust, False Acacia, Green Locust, Locust, Post Locust, Shipmast Locust, White Locust and Yellow Locust.

What is the scientific name for locust?

The scientific name for locusts is Nomadracis septemfasciata.

What is the venation of a Honey locust tree?

what is the venation of a honey locust tree

What is the scientific name of locust?

An organism's scientific name is comprised of the names of genus and species that they belong to. The scientific name of an American locust is Schistocerca Americana.Schistocerca gregaria

What is the locust's scientific name?

There are many species of locust. They belong to the family Acrididae.

Scientific name for locust?

Schistocerca gregaria

What is the scientific name for a black locust?

Robinia pseudoacacia

What is the scientific name of a locust tree?

Robinia Pseudacacia.

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