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What is self pollination?

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Self pollination is when the pollen from the Stamen goes to the Stigma of the same flower, rather then the pollen going to a Stigma of a different flower.

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How is cross pollination different from self pollination?

Because self pollination is for flowers with no friends.

What is the purpose of cross-pollination and self-pollination?

The purpose of cross-pollination and self-pollination are to perform reproduction so off spring can be produced.

How does self pollination happen?

* self pollination happen when....... * i dont know

What are the three types of pollination?

self-pollination cross-pollination wind-pollination

What are two types of pollination?

Self pollination and Cross pollination

Distinguish between self-pollination and cross-pollination?

The process of pollination from same flower is called self-pollination. the process of pollination from another flower of same breed is called cross-pollination.

What are the types of pollination?

cross and self pollination

What is the difference between self pollination and cross- pollination?

In cross pollination there is wastage of pollen grains , but in self pollination there is no wastage of pollen grains.

What is the difference between self pollination and cross pollination?

Self pollination is when the grains of pollen from one stigma travel to another stigma, and cross pollination is when bees do it

How do you find a drawing of a self pollination?

i said i want to know the drawing of self pollination

What kind of flowers perform self pollination?

Autogamous flowers perform self pollination

What is two ways of pollination?

1. Self-pollination and 2. Cross-pollination

What is self-pollination?

Self pollination is the dropping of pollen on the stigma of the same flower that produced the pollen, thereby pollinating the flower.

Differentiate cross pollination from self pollination?


How many types of pollination are there?

There are 2 types of pollination 1. Self pollination. 2. Cross pollination.

Examples for self pollination?

self pollination occurs in plants like wheat, tobacco & peas.

What plants undergo self pollination?

Plants that undergo self pollination are peas, orchids, etc.

What are the two main types of pollination?

The two main types of pollination are self (or autogamous) pollination and cross (or heterogamous) pollination. Self pollination - is when pollination is tansfer from the anther to the stigma of the same flower. Cross pollintion - is when pollination is transfer from the anther to the stigma of another flower

How is cross-pollination different from self-pollination?

Cross-pollination is 1 flower pollinating another flower. Self-pollination is a flower pollinating itself. Note: Self-pollination is often called cloning, and after a few generations leads to abnormalities in the plants, such as loosing nutritional value, or becoming sterile.

What happens in self pollination?

In self-pollination, sperm from one plant fertilizes the egg of the same plant.

What types of pollination are there?

I only know two but I think there are four. There is Self Pollination and Cross Pollination

By which methods can pollination occur?

There are two ways: cross-pollination and self-pollination. Hope this helped!

What happens during the processes of cross-pollination and self-pollination?

there is not to big of a differents

What are the two most common ways of pollination?

The two most common ways of pollination are self pollination and cross pollination

Can someone help me use pollination self-pollination and cross-pollination in the same sentence?

Self pollination is when a flower pollinates itself with its own pollen and cross pollination is when a flower uses another flower's pollen.