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What is seller's concession?

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The term can take on slightly different meanings depending on exactly where it is used. In the context of a home sale, it generally indicates something like a fee, cost or "giveback" (even action), rather than a reduction of the purchase price, that is commonly an expense of the buyuer or benefit to the seller, the seller is agreeing to "concede" to the buyer. For example "for acceptance of the offer within 24 hours, the seller agrees to credit the buyer $1,000 to be applied toward the closing costs". Lenders are concerned that a deal showing a certain % downpayment may use these to skew the numbers and essesntially involve seller financing or mask the source of funds, or such.

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Yes, but the amount of the concession depends on the type of short sale. An FHA Short Sale (under the HUD Pre-foreclosure Sale Program) can include up to a 1% seller concession only if the Buyer is utilizing FHA financing in the purchase. A HAFA Short Sale will allow a seller concession, but the amount depends on the proposed net proceeds to the mortgage servicer.

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