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What is semen?

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Semen is an organic fluid, also known as ''seminal fluid'', that usually contains spermatozoa. It is secreted by the gonads (sexual glands) and other sexual organs of the male.

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What are the top 5 cement companies in Indonesia?

Semen Gresik, Indocement, Semen Padang, Semen Tiga Roda, Semen Cibinong

Can you get HIV from your on Semen?

If your semen is infected with HIV, then you already have HIV. If your semen is not infected with HIV, then anything you do with your own semen will not cause HIV.

Can dried semen on the vagina cause pregnancy?

Nope, only LIVE semen can get a girl pregnant. Dry semen isn't LIVE semen.

Where is the semen stored?

Semen is stored in testicles.

How not to get a girl pregnant with no semen?

If there is no semen there is no pregnancy

How groth a semen?

Semen groth sex

What is the color of girl's semen?

Semen is produced by the male sex organs. Girls do not HAVE semen.

Why is there still sperm in semen after surgery?

It is not sperm, it is just the semen ( a lubricant ). The semen is lacking the sperm.

Where is semen produced in the penis?

Its not. Semen is produced in the testis & the prostate.

Can a virgin girl release semen?

Girls don't have semen. Only males carry semen and sperm.

When ingested does semen show up in the feces?

Semen/sperm will not be present in feces if the semen is ingested orally. Sperm or semen could be present in feces excreted shortly after anal sex if semen was present in the rectum or colon.

Is semen is haram in Islam?

No, semen is not haram in Islam

What makes 'semen'?

The Navy.Actually, it is the testicles.

Will you get pregnant if you swallow his semen?

No you can not get pregnant by swallowing your semen.

What is the singular word of semen analyzes?

Semen analysis.

What is not a component of semen?

Iron filings are not a component of semen.

What is donkey semen?

Donkey semen is donkey sperm

What semen to irritate a womens vagina?

Semen can't.

Can a man swallow a women semen?

Women don't produce semen. If it's producing semen, it's not a woman.

Can you get pregnant if no semen goes into your body?

No. You need semen to get pregnant.

How do you make 'semen' come out of your penis?


Can be pregnant if his semen comes out of you?

Yes, not all the semen will come out.

Does semen affect pregnancy results?

Semen causes pregnancy...

Is there HIV in semen?

If the person is infected with the HIV, then HIV will be in the semen.

Amount of 'semen' ejaculated?

20 milliliters

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