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What is seven times one fourth?

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seven fourths....7/4....one and 3/4..."1.75"

Just as seven times one Pizza equals seven pizzas, seven times one fourth equals seven fourths.

When multiplying fractions, the numerator of the product equals the product of the numerators of the multipliers/multiplicands, and the denominator of the product equals the product of the denominators of the multipliers/multiplicands. A whole number can always be thought of as a fraction with a denominator of 1.

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What is one fourth times 7?

It is seven fourths which is one and three fourths as a mixed number.

What is 8 times three and one fourth?

What is right times three and one fourth

What is one fourth times one fourth?

Two fourth which is also called one half

When multiplying two and one fourth times three and one fifth what is the answer?

This is the same as 2.25 x 3.2 = 7.2 (or seven and one fifth)

What is 24 times 2 and one-fourth?

24 times 2 and one forth is 54.

What is one fourth times four ninths?

(one fourth) times (four of anything) is (one of them). so 1/9.

What is one-sixth times one- fourth?

It is one twenty fourth.

What is one-fourth times 3?

One-fourth times 3 = 3 over 4 = 0.75

What is the second letter of the seven letter word meaning one-fourth?

The second letter of the seven letter word meaning "one-fourth" is "u." The word is "quarter."u as in quarter

How many times does 6 go into one fourth?

Six goes into one fourth 0.0416 ( with an everlasting 6) times.

What is the second letter of seven letter seven letter word meaning one-fourth?

A seven letter word meaning one forth would be quarter. The second letter of quarter is 'u'

Two and one-third plus one and one-fourth?

3 and seven twelfths. just think of a clock.

What is two and one eighth times one fourth?

two and one eight times one fourth = 2 1/8 * 1/4 = 17/32

What is two fifths times one fourth?

Two-fifths times one-fourth is two-twentieths or one-tenth, in simplified form.

What is one fourth plus seven eighths?

nine eighths or one and one eighth.

How do you write the expression of one fourth of two times seven?

Well "of" means multiplication, so it would be written as such: 1/4(7*2)

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