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Aspergers is a high functioning autism on the autistic spectrum. It is most noted for two things such as having an intense interest with specific things and not being able to act approprietly or know what to do in a public/social enviroment.

Aspergers, also AS is noted for rigid walking, poor posture, poor communication, many people experience clumsiness, normal to above intelligence, and being selectively mute.

These are common signs of AS and most people with AS cope well and most have a strong interest in certain things.

Severe AS is like what was mentioned expect more severe. I have AS and I have a strong interest with bones however I have other interest too. Someone else with AS who has it severe and says that they like bones also may find themselves enveloped with the topic trying to research everything on it while avoiding other people because they don't know what to do or say. They would also have bad posture and sensitive senses as well as not express themselves very clearly which may make other people consider them to be strange.

AS varies with the individual. Some seem mild in symptoms/signs and others are severe.

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Q: What is severe Aspergers?
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What is profound Aspergers?

It is a more severe version of aspergers

Is aspergers syndrome and asburgers syndrome the same thing?

Close, asburgeres sounds similar to aspergers. Asburgeres specifically does not exist but aspergers does. Other names for aspergers is asperger(s) syndrome and autistic psychopathy which is the original name for aspergers.

Is there more than one type of aspergers?

Yes due to the individual, AS can be mild, moderate (expected) and severe. Boys and girls with AS also tend to act differently in comparison.

Is aspergers a mentall illness?

Aspergers is not a mentall illness it is not a diesease you can,t catch aspergers by being around someone with aspergers. People with aspergers are born with it. Although aspergers affects the way people think and veiw the world it is not a diesese. Recent aspergers studies have shown that in brains of people with aspergers there is a difference in the way the brain is wired and set up. and there have also been studies of aspergers brain waves and it showed the brain waves of people with aspergers differed from nerotypical brain waves. Just because people with aspergers think differently does not make them mentally ill there is a huge difference between the two.

What are the complications for a person with asperger's syndrome?

Someone with Asperger's might have a hard time interacting with people around them and can feel isolated from other people. Another sign that a person might have aspergers is that they can be slow at time. Also aspergers can effect everyday life situations such as work and school

When was Aspergers Society of Ontario created?

Aspergers Society of Ontario was created in 2000.

What is asperger's sickness?

I dont know that Aspergers is a sickness. It is said usually that someone is "gifted" with Asperger. That means it is a blessing. Many Aspergers say that they wouldnt trade Aspergers with a neurotypical life. I dont think Aspergers is a sickness.

I don't have all of the symptoms of Aspergers. I have a nephew with Autism. Is it possible not to have all the symptoms of Aspergers and still have the condition?

Each person who has aspergers has a different personality, and aspergers manifests itself differently in different persons. So, probably, no one who has aspergers has all the symptoms, because the combination is different in each individual.

I tend to do physical harm to myself when im fustrated is that a symptom of aspergers?

People with Asperger's suffer from severe depression, but it affects them in different ways. You need to see a therapist to find out if you REALLY have Asperger's

What is aspi?

Aspie = Person with Aspergers Syndrome. It's friendly slang that those with Aspergers Syndrome use to refer to themselves. People without Aspergers Syndrome are referred to as NTs - Neurotypicals.

What is like aspergers?

Aspergers is quite sorta... wierd. you can normally conversate and other things that non-aspergers people do but it's like seeing everything clearly but being behind a glass wall.

Does The Candymakers Miles have aspergers?