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No changes at all- except you no longer have to worry about your partner becoming pregnant.

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Q: What is sex like after a vasectomy?
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What is the best way not to get pregnant in sex?

wear a CONDOM or get a VASECTOMY

Husmand had vasectomy 6 months ago had unprotective sex 13 days before period could you be pregnant?

If the vasectomy was properly done you will not be pregnant. We started haveing sex a week after my vasectomy (Though a longer wait is recommended) and no problems.

What has the author Norman Fleishman written?

Norman Fleishman has written: 'Vasectomy, sex, and parenthood' -- subject(s): Birth control, Vasectomy

Does sex drive die after a vasectomy?

Yes, especially if you are naked with a girl

Who would go in to have vasectomy surgery?

The ones who would want to have a vasectomy surgery would be men who would want to have sex without impregnating a woman. They could have sex without having to use a condom.

Why male sexual responsiveness and secondary sex characteristics generally remain unchanged after a vasectomy?

A vasectomy blocks the path of sperm. It does not change the production of testosterone or other hormones.

Do you still enjoy sex after a vasectomy?

Of course men still enjoy sex after a vasectomy! In fact nothing changes except their semen doesn't contain any sperm anymore (what's about 3%) and the fear of (unwanted) pregnancy is (definitively) gone ...

How can a male stop reproducing children?

There are several ways that a male can stop reproducing. He can use condoms when he has sex; he can refrain from having sex at all; or he can have a vasectomy.

What if your husb had a vasectomy 6 years ago you started your period on the 11 period for 8 day you had sex 2 days after your period ended and you didnt use protection can you be pregnant?

If he had a vasectomy there should be no sperms so no.

How old does a man have to be to get fixed?

A vasectomy can be received any time after the age of leal concent, usually 18, and as long as he still has sex

At the Houston Vasectomy Clinic what is the average cost of a vasectomy?

A Vasectomy procedure will cost about $1,300 to any man not wanting to have children any longer if the procedure is done by the Houston Vasectomy Clinic.

Can a man who had a vasectomy have natural children?

You should not be able to get pregnant by a man who has had a vasectomy.

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