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What is sexual addiction?

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2011-03-12 12:58:06

If you are referring to the real addiction that goes above

normal range and starts to become a psychological problem, then

it's called "hypersexuality".

It's really debatable whether it's a real "addiction" or "mental

condition" at all as far as that goes, however.

Some treat it like a normal addiction (such as a drug one),

while some think it's a form of sexual compulsivity (associated

with obsessive compulsive disorder in a sense) and impulsivity.

Others say it's a myth made up by today's culture/society.

In my opinion, an addiction is any activity which you do on a

considerably higher level than others, which you can't cease even

when others are bother by it and even when it does damage to any

area of your life, when it alters your behavior in any way and when

you tend to prioritize it above every other thing present in your


I also recall "nymphomania" being the term referred to

hypersexual women exclusively and I briefly recall something about

"premature ejaculation" as a male reference to it.

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