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What is shake flask fermentation?

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Shake Flask fermentation is a cheapest ans simplest technique to grow bacteria or fungi, aerobically, in small volumes of nutrient broth. The broth is poured into erlenmeyer flasks equipped with cotton-wool stoppers, and autoclaved. After cooling, some microbes are "seeded" into the flask, and it is placed on a Shaker machine. The shaking agitates the content and so ensures aeration, so that the microbes could breathe.

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What are design aspects of shake flask fermentation?

Shake flasks, such as the Erlenmeyer flask, are designed to prevent splashing. They promote oxygen transfer and prevent vibration, allowing for successful fermentation.

What is the working volume in a 500ml shake flask?

500 ml

What solution to rinse volumetric flask with?

Rinse the volumetric flask twice with the solution that you about to fill it with, stopper the opening and shake the flask so that all surface area inside the flask will be covered. This is so that the solution will not be diluted or contaminated when poured into the flask.

Why the titration flask need to be shake during titration?

so that the solutions mix properly

What is a filter flask used for?

what is a flask for what is a flask for

What is measuring flask?

measuring flask is a measuring flask

Flask used in a chemistry lab?

there are various types of flask used in lab such as round bottom flask, flat bottom flask, conical flask.

What are the Disadvantages of a volumetric flask?

volumateric flask is also a type of flask

Whats the difference between an Erlenmeyer flask and a Florence flask?

The Erlenmeyer flask is conical and the Florence flask is rounded.

Why does the egg go in to the flask when heated?

The egg does not go into the flask when heated. When the flask is heated the air expands in volume and escapes around the egg. When the flask is removed from the heat, the air in the flask cools, leaving low pressure in the flask which then draws the egg into the flask.

What are three antonyms for the word 'flask'?

Flask, being a noun, does not have an antonym.

How did Louis Pasteur disprove the spontaneous generation theory?

Louis broiled broth for 15 min. He then let it sit for one year in a swan neck flask. He noticed that some dust had accumulated in the top part of the flask. So he took a sample, form the broth inside the flask. He noticed that nothing was inside of growing in it. So he then preceded to shake the broth in the flask in such a way, that it would touch the dust at the top. He then took a sample from that and it was highly bacteria ridden.

How would you get the egg out of the flask?

you flask

Laboratory equipment use to measure large quantities of liquids?

>> Beaker >> Filtering Flask >> Erlenmayer Flask >> Florence Flask >> Volumetric Flask P.s Lynne (i forgot the last flask)

What 2 types of fermentation are there?

Lactic acid fermentation and alcoholic fermentation.

What is a florence flask used for?

A florence flask is a round bottomed flask used for boiling.

Is a vacuum flask different to a thermos flask?

They are the same thing, a thermos flask is just a different name for it. A vacuum flask is the original name.

Why is conical flask called conical flask?

Because this flask has a conical form ! Another name is Erlenmeyer flask. See the link below.

Who was the third mate on the Pequod?


What is an iodine flask and its function?

The iodine flask is an Erlenmeyer flask with a stopper; it is used for the iodine determinastion.

What is the difference between a buchner flask filter flask and side-arm flask?


What is the difference between an Erlenmeyer flask and a Florence flask?

The Erlenmeyer flask is conical, the Florence is rounded.

What is a comical flask?

The correct spelling is conical flask. A conical flask is a type of flask that is used in laboratories. They have a conical body, flat bottom, and cylindrical neck.

What are 3 types of fermentation?

Acholic fermentation lactic acid fermentation wine fermentation

What is bottomed flask used for in science?

The flat bottomed flask used by chemists is called an Ehrlemeyer flask.