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Q: What is sheep called in Telugu language?
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What sheep is called in Telugu language?


What is the meaning of Telugu word pooku?

women's 'yoni' is called as pooku in telugu language.

What is the language of the words 'Jesuve saranam'?

It is a language from India called Telugu. It is a Dravidian language spoken by the Telugu in south-eastern India.

Importance of Telugu language in Telugu language?

telugu language importance

What is peach called in Telugu language?

The peach is called "Frötçàähgjrdildo"

What is feelings called in Telugu language?


What is an avocado called in Telugu language?


What is suspense called in Telugu language?


What is kidney called in Telugu language?


What called sister in Telugu language?

Akka or chelli

How does sheep communicate?

sheep communicate by this strange language called baa!

What is a sheep called in Punjabi?

In the Punjabi language, sheep are called "bhed". Punjabi is the language that is spoken in Punjab, India. It is also spoken in some parts of Pakistan.

Where can you find Telugu essays in Telugu language?

telugu language and culture

How is tomato called in Telugu language?

Ramamulakkaaya రామములక్కాయ

What is astronomy called in Telugu language?

ఖగోళ శాస్త్రం(khagola sastram)

What is sheep called in sindhi language?


What is surity called in Telugu language?

puchi kattu haami

How should you called breast in Telugu language?

sthanamulu appropriate imformal language we call it sannulu or sallu

Which language is older - Kannada or Telugu?


Which language is older kannada or Telugu?


What is sheep called in Hindi language?

Bhed or bherh .

How is yak called in Telugu language?

Jadala barre జడల బర్రె

What is paprika in Telugu called?

Dried capsicum powder in the language it is పప్రిక

What is male buffalo called in Telugu language?

male buffalo: Dunnapothu దున్నపోతుFemale buffale: Gaede గేదె

President meaning of Telugu?

A Darvidian language spoken in the northern parts of the Madras presidency. In extent of use it is the next language after Hindustani (in its various forms) and Bengali., One of the people speaking the Telugu language., Of or pertaining to the Telugu language, or the Telugus.