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Sherbert is not ice cream, they are two different (though similar) things.

Side note: Sherbert, first off, is an incorrect spelling of the word sherbet. At this point in time the words are interchangeable depending on what part of the world you live in as the misspelling has been around for decades.

To understand their relationship, a bit of history:

Originally there were sharbats, a non alcoholic fruit drink mixed with crushed ice to produce a slushy like texture.

Later some people would simply take crushed or shaved ice and splash fruit juice on it instead of taking the time to properly mix into a Sharbat. That style of desert creation is like a modern snow cone or a sorbet depending on how much juice is added and the texture of the ice.

The next step was developed as people wanted a smoother version of the crushed ice desert with a stronger flavor but not as liquid as a Sharbat. They would mix the drinks for a longer period of time and add small amounts of dairy or eggs to create a creamy texture. This could be drank while liquid (similar to a smoothie but still typically called a sharbat or sharbat with cream, etc) or frozen to a more firm texture and eaten with a spoon: The result was known as Sherbet (derived from its drink version the Sharbat).

Eventually people began adding more cream, and would sometimes remove the fruit juice entirely. Using the same process with mostly cream instead of fruit juice creates either a milk shake (if served partially liquid) or ice cream (iced cream/milk) if frozen to a firm texture.

Doing the same process but replacing the cream/milk with yogurt produces frozen yogurt.

Sherbet (in the US) can legally only contain between 2% and 5% of dairy or eggs. Above 5% is an ice cream and below 2% would simply be a sorbet or flavored ice. Good quality ice creams are far over the 5% dairy requirement and are not close to meeting the legal definition of sherbet.

In summary: Calling something a sherbert ice cream is simply misunderstanding the product.

It is either mostly fruit juice based and thus a sherbet, or it is mostly cream based and thus an ice cream, or it is mostly yogurt based and thus a frozen yogurt. (and of course if there is no dairy at all its neither a sherbet nor an ice cream)

Even if you were to balance equally the fruit juice with the dairy, you would legally end up with a fruit flavored ice cream (as you'd be over the 5% dairy limit); there is no balance of ingredients where it would ever qualify as both a sherbet and an ice cream at the same time.
Sherbet is not an Ice cream but I think is made up of mostly strawberry and some other fruits. Hope this answer helps you. :)
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What is ice cream?

Ice cream is a delightful frozen confection made with milk, cream and sugar as the main ingredients. Flavors and various inclusions (chocolate, fruit, nuts) are utilized to produce a vast array of varieties. Stabilizers are frequently used to prevent lactose crystallization. Sometimes the recipes in ( Full Answer )

What are the ingredients in sherbet and ice cream?

The ingredients for ice cream are milk, sugar, cream, air, and somefruit flavoring. A good recipe for sherbet is: 1/2 teaspoon of citric acid 1/4teaspoon of bicarbonate soda 1-2 spoons of icing sugar 4 lucazadetablets actually, they're probably asking about Sherbet the frozendessert, the American na ( Full Answer )

How do you do ice cream?

The easiest way, by far, is to purchase (or borrow) an electric ice cream maker. But, if you don't have one, you can get a big tub and fill it with ice and salt (the salt will make the ice colder). In the center, place a metal dish, with your ice cream ingredients. Stir the ice cream ingredients, an ( Full Answer )

Why does sherbet melt before ice cream?

Sherbet is water based while on the other hand ice cream is milk based which is thicker. So therefore the water would melt before the milk because the milk is thicker.

What does 'ice cream for ice cream' mean?

It is not "ice cream for ice cream", it is supposed to sound like that but it is actually "I scream for ice cream". The phrase is derived from a popular 1927 song titled "I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream" .

Is ice cream the same as ice?

Ice is frozen water while Ice cream is normally something resembling frozen custard. It has quite a high level of fat. There are may sorts of ice cream and thay all have different ingredients. Sorbet is sometimes called a water ice as it has quite a high proportion of water and a low proportion of, ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between sherbet and ice cream?

Sherbet is a light white edible powder produced by combining caster sugar, baking powder, and several other various ingredients and commonly served in a tube or bag with a licorice stick, boiled sweet lolly, or other such slow-dissolving sweet that, when wet, sherbet will stick to. Ice-cream, on the ( Full Answer )

Is sherbet ice cream made with milk?

Sherbet and ice cream are LEGALLY different things. While milk IS used in American sherbet, milkfat content is between 1-2%. In other countries, sherbet may be used as the name for sorbet, which has no milk. Ice cream has a much higher fat content. PS. only one R is Sherbet.

Is ice cream made of ice?

Ice cream is a simplification of "iced cream", as the original recipe pretty much consisted of flavoured cream that was cooled(=iced) and stirred until it turned somewhat solid. Today the recipes are more complicated, often containing eggs as well. There are also the sherbets, which are basically fr ( Full Answer )

What is a Sherbet?

sherbet is a sweet powder that is eaten in many ways. sometimes it is in lollies other times it is in licorice straws or it may be used to dip your lollypops in. .......................................... Sherbet (sorbet, charbet, sherbert) is a frozen dessert made with sweetened water, fruit j ( Full Answer )

What you can do with an ice cream?

You can eat it, or watch it melt. But its better to eat it. Also you can make it, freeze it, and put it on top of cakes

Is sherbet better than ice cream?

Sherbert is probably healthier than ice cream if that is what you mean. As for taste, I prefer sherbert.

How long will it take sherbet ice cream to melt?

The melting of any sherbet or ice cream (or melting of anythingelse) is a complex phase change process described in partialdifferential equation of the Stefan problem. However as direct solution of partial differential equations is notpossible in many cases, it is usually necessary to find the an ( Full Answer )

Where can you get ice cream?

Walmart, Longos, Cows ice cream shop in Niagra Falls any shopping place, what kind of question is that?

How do you get ice cream?

Buy it at the store. Usually at the freezer section. God made it just for you.

Is Italian ice ice cream?

Well maybe but maybe not. Ice cream is mostly dairy but Italian ice is just ice with a liquid poured over it. You decide.

What is an ice-cream?

Well, I don't want to sound all smart but the actual definition of ice cream is a frozen dessert containing cream, sugar, and flavoring. Source: wordnetweb.princeton.edu/perl/webwn

Why does ice cream melt slower than sherbet?

It's because sherbert ice cream is more of a water base (juice) which melts faster. Dairy base ice cream are usually made from egg yolk, cream, milk, and sugar. Yolks, cream, and milk have high fat content which makes them melt slower than water base ice cream which melts faster.

Can Ice ice cream mold?

Im afraid it can as the mouldyjenuliar desease will nibble up your icream the some little hamsters will come and eat up the left overs so watch out! DO NOT LEAVE YOUR ICECREAM FOR MORE THAN A DAY!

Is sherbet an ice cream?

Sherbet in the United States is (legally, by the FDA) classified separately from ice cream, where sherbet can contain at most 1% milk.

Is there cream in ice cream?

maybe not. For soft ice cream, just need the soft ice cream powder and water. For hard ice cream, will need milk, powder, sugar, cream and ect. MEHEN FOOD MACHINE

How do you ice an ice cream cake?

You ice it like any other cake, except you put it in the freezer instead of the fridge when you're done.

Where do you get ice cream from?

You can buy ice cream in most dairys and supermarkets. The best is obviously from the highest dairy producers, i.e NEW ZEALAND!

How do you make the cream for ice-cream?

I'm not really sure but I know you put the ingredients in and the ice and salt goes around it. Then it makes it cold and creamy. . You don't make the cream, you buy it at your grocery store. Look for "Heavy Cream" or "Whipping Cream" (some recipes call for "Half & Half" instead of Cream).

Can you have a ice cream?

Yes I can make a ice cream by myself if there is a ice cream machine.

What is colder ice cream or ice?

Ice cream is colder than ice. (generally) Either item can be colder than the other...depending on the atmosphere (temperature) at which it is stored. Ice stored in a -20F freezer is colder than ice cream stored in a 0F freezer. However, ice cream has a lower melting point than ice, and is generally ( Full Answer )

What are Sherbets?

Sherbets were defined by the Federal Code of Regulations to contain between 1 and 2 percent butterfat and between 2 and 5 percent total milk-derived solids

Is whip cream ice cream?

No, whipped cream is heavy cream and sugar that is whipped at high speed until the cream is stiff. If it were whipped further the cream would turn into butter. Ice cream is cream, milk, sugar and flavorings that are churned slowly for up to an hour and then frozen.

Why do you have ice cream?

because ice cream taste delicious and i will feel happy after eat an ice cream

Can ice cream be ice cream?

Icecream is made from milk sugar ice corn syrup and flovoring the answer can be yes or no

What is cream in ice cream recipes?

Allright, Cream in ice cream is half and half cream which isbasically milk but you can get it heavier or lighter.

What is in ice cream?

Ice cream contains different flavors for your choosing. But mainly, it contains: - milk - dairy products - cream Ice cream is made of almost-frozen milk, which comes from cows. But it also contains cream and a wide range of flavors.(rasberry, chocolatte, vanilla...)

What is the function for cream-in ice-cream?

The cream in ice-cream influences the flavor and the texture of the treat. The cream makes the flavor fuller, you can tell because a sorbet (which has no dairy at all) is missing the fullness of flavor that the same flavor ice cream has. The cream also changes the texture to make the desert richer.

Why ice cream is called ice cream?

Ice cream is a frozen sweet dish or dessert made from cream, milkand sugar; sometimes egg are also added. Ice cream name ice taken from frozen and cream is the ingredient.It is the perfect name I think.

How do you ice cream?

If you want to keep ice cream a solid consistency, you need to putit in the freezer.

What makes ice cream ice cream?

Ice cream is a creamy frozen desert made from dairy products likemilk, sugar and cream. Adding your favorite flavor make it creamydelicious ice cream. today various thing are added to it likechocolate, cookies, jelly, cherry etc.