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Slavery is the forced labor of another person. The slave has no rights as a person of society and is considered to be the property of the owner. Slavery is an abomination.

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Q: What is slavery?
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What is pro-slavery and anti slavery?

Pro-slavery is being in favor of slavery, while anti-slavery is being against slavery.

Was the south of slavery against slavery or for slavery?

it was for slavery until civil war developed which made an decrease of slavery

What is the definition of pro-slavery?

In favour of slavery.

Were Mark Twain's parents pro-slavery or anti-slavery?

They were anti-slavery.

What is the difference between pro slavery and anti slavery?

people who accept the slavery are pro slavery and people that doesnt accept it are anti slavery

What is pro slavery?

If you are "pro slavery" you like slavery! that is all

Major events of anti-slavery?

Depends on what slavery.Jewish slavery in Egypt.Jewish slavery in Germany.Indian slavery in the US.Indian slavery in Spanish countries.African slavery in the US.African slavery in Africa (enslaved by Portuguese and English).African slavery of Africans.Russian slavery of the poor.Chinese slavery of debters.You should clarify there were many movements in different locations. I guess we were all slaves at one point or another.

Essay on slavery?

about slavery

How do you spell slavery?


What does slavery have to do with slavery?


Is there still slavery in the US of America?

legal slavery no.....slavery yes

What is opposed slavery?

opposed slavery is slavery that was approved to the owner that is cruel.

Was the underground railroad pro slavery or anti slavery?


Was john brown pro slavery or anti slavery?


HoW did slavery in Africa and Muslim societies differ from slavery in the Americas?

how did slavery in African and Muslim societies differ from slavery in Americas

Does pro-slavery mean for slavery or against slavery?

Pro-Slavery means that you support the idea of enslaving people.

When was slavery over?

Slavery isn't over. Slavery still exists today

Was James Monroe for slavery or against slavery?

James Monroe Was Against Slavery

What is the difference between an abolitionist and pro-slavery?

Pro-slavery, as "pro" infers, means "agreed with slavery". An abolitionist was a person who disagreed or even fought to end slavery. (But, it's clumsy to say "con-slavery"!)

A free what was closed to slavery?

It is a free STATE that is closed by slavery. You know..... like when there is a free state, there is NO slavery. Therefore, it is like slavery is closed, that is way it is called closed to slavery.

What is french for 'slavery'?


Was Nicholas gilman for slavery?

No He Was Not For Slavery.

Was slavery good?

No, slavery was not good.

Was there slavery in Virginia?

yes there was slavery

Were the confederates for or against slavery?

They were for slavery.

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