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Q: What is slouch and fetal position?
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When was Fetal Position - House - created?

Fetal Position - House - was created on 2007-04-03.

What is the configuration of the fetal position?

The fetal position is to have your head between your legs, your knees drawn in tight, and basically you are curled up into a ball. It is called the fetal position because it is very similar to the position a baby is in while in the womb.

How do use fetal in a sentence?

He was curled into the fetal position. _or_ The fetal animal was in distress.

What fetal position is hard to deliver?

The breech position is difficult to deliver.

What is a sentence for the word fetal?

When babies are in the womb they take up the fetalposition.

Near death do you rest in fetal position?

i'm an MA student, and my grandfather is dying a long death, and he is going into the fetal position. happens all the time.

Is sleeping in a fetal position a sign of death in the elderly?

No, sleeping in a fetal position is not a sign of death in the elderly. Elderly sleep many ways to get more comfortable.

How do you get rid of a backache?

by laying down in a comfortable position on your back, do not slouch or to bend tor back backwards.

How do you spell slouch?

Slouch is the correct spelling.

Describe a body position that can exist when all major body parts are flexed?

When all body parts are flexed, it is the fetal position.

Fetal position into left sacrum posterior?

That is a footling breech presentation.

What is a sentence using slouch?

Julie loves to slouch in her chair. Or, John is a big slouch he just sits around all day and does nothing

What is a sentence for the word slouch?

His brother called him a slouch for not helping with the yard cleaning. Students should not slouch against the walls. The gangster's characteristic slouch disguised the machine gun under his coat.

How can you tell if he's intimidated?

Does he get in the fetal position when you're near him? This could be a sign.

What do you do when you get in a fight?

Weave, bob, and duck! Get in the fetal position and cry

What body position that can exist when all major body parts are flexed?


What body position exists when all major body parts are flexed?

When all major body parts are flexed it is the fetal position.

What are the ratings and certificates for House M-D- - 2004 Fetal Position 3-17?

House M-D- - 2004 Fetal Position 3-17 is rated/received certificates of: Netherlands:12 USA:TV-14

How do you use the slouch in a sentence?

During the weekend Holiday most of people slouch on their bed

Does slouch mean weaken?

No. Slouch means- a drooping movement or appearance.

Which episode of house is Tyson ritter in?

Season 3 Episode 17 Fetal Position. :)

What do you do if someone has a gun to your head?

cry ibeg for merci or do something backn the fetal position

How do you cure a person in a fetal position?

Without knowing why they have adopted that position you do not try to change it. To assume there is a 'cure' is ignorance. Do not try.

Why does a person instinctively curl over his abdominal area in times of danger?

They do this because they feel safe. Like in the womb, babies are in the fetal position, feeling safe, therefore, when we feel like we're in danger, we instinctively go back to the fetal position to feel safe.

What actors and actresses appeared in Slouch - 2011?

The cast of Slouch - 2011 includes: Olly Reed