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Very many things. An ant, for example.

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Is a ping pong ball smaller than a golf ball?

Yes. it is smaller and it is also lighter than a golf ball

How does the force of a cannon on a cannonball compare to the force of the cannonball on the cannon?

The forces are equal. Only reasons the ball goes Flying off and the cannon stays in place, is that the cannon is so much heavier than the ball.

If you are smaller than a size 0 where can you get a formal ball gown?

Yes if you are smaller than size 0 you can get a formal ball grown ..

Would a bigger ball roll down a hill faster than a smaller ball?

A bigger ball will not always roll down a hill faster than a smaller ball. It will depend upon the weight of the balls.

What is the design of a Golf ball?

Smaller than cricket ball and in circular shape.

What is the size of a cannon ball?

the size of the cannon ball depends on the size of the cannon. civil war cannons had cannon balls about the size of a child's head, aprox 30cm across

What is a ball that is bigger than a baseball and smaller than a softball?

a ballsack ball. (testicle.......but both of them combined.)

Type of ball that is smaller than a baseball?

ping pong ball, tennis ball, golf ball, your balls, (:

How fast was a civil war cannon ball?

A cannon ball traveled at speeds up to and or exceeding 100 miles per hour this depended on how well the cannon was packed how much powder was charged and the degree the cannon barrel was angled many soldiers packed two balls connected by a large chain this increased the effectiveness of the cannon others where loaded with many smaller balls like buckshot in a shotgun.

When a cannon is fired will the cannon and cannon ball will have the same amount of kinetic energy?

Yes, both have the same energy, but because cannon is heavier the cannon ball gets more momentum and thus greater velocity.

How far can a cannon ball go?

Depends how much gunpowder you put in the cannon. a normal charge and a cannon ball can go up to 500 yards

Why does a cannon and a cannon ball have different accelerations when it is fired?

The cannon (also called artillery or gun or field piece) has no acceleration. It's just a stationary tube; a gun barrel.The cannon ball (also called a shell or projectile) travels at a speed determined by it's propellent charge; interior of the gun tube (rifled or smoothbore); length of gun tube; and the caliber of the weapon (gun size).As a rule: Larger projectiles travel slower; rifled barrels shoot slower projectiles; shorter gun tube have shorter ranges; smaller powder charges (propellent) travel smaller distances.I'm sorry, but the cannon does accelerate in the opposite direction of the cannon ball. This is called recoil. Old cannons simply rolled backwards as a result of recoil and had to be manually pulled forward again and reaimed. Modern artillery pieces all use recoil absorbing mechanisms that permit the barrel to recoil without moving the carriage, then automatically reextend the barrel.To answer the original question, the cannon is heavier and the ball is lighter, therefor the ball accelerates faster than the cannon.

What direction will a cannon go when you fire the cannonball?

The cannon will go to the opposite direction of the cannon ball.

Does the larger item always have the greater mass?

No. If the density of the item is less, the mass may be less, even if the object is larger. Cannon ball and a beach ball. Low density beach ball has far less mass than the VERY dense cannon ball, even though the beach ball is larger.

What would happen if someone built a cannon that weighed as the cannon ball?

The cannon would want to move backwards with the same speed as the ball wants to move forward.

When was the first cannon ball made?

The first cannon ball was made in the 3rd century BC in a place called Alexandra

Name all balls smaller than a baseball?

Tennis ball, ping pong ball, golf ball, racket ball, and hand ball.

How is a cannon ball being shot?

the explosion of gunpowder behind it propells it out of the cannon.

What is 'cannon' in billiards?

In English Billiards, a cannon is a shot that hits both the red ball and the players cue ball in the same shot. This shot scores 2 points. The cannon does not exist in pocket billiards.

Why does a smaller plastic ball bounce higher than a soccer ball?

Because the plastic ball has higher potential while the soccer ball has not.

What are the definitions of cannons and casnonballs?

a cannon is the instrument use to propel a cannonball. A cannon ball is the missile which is propelled from a cannon.................

How big is a Water Polo ball?

Slightly bigger than a volleyball and smaller than a basketball. The men's ball is a bit bigger than the women's ball and it weighs about 2.5#'s

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