What is so significance of the mockingjay from The Hunger Games?

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The mocking jay is so significant in the Hunger Games trilogy because it is a symbol of rebellion. As you'll know, if you've read the books, the series is mostly based on rebellion.

The mocking jay is considered a symbol of rebellion even before Katniss wears it in the Games. This negative opinion of them comes from the Capitol. Originally, there were jabber jays and mockingbirds. The jabber jays were muttations, originally meant to show the power of the Capitol over the districts. But, when the jabber jays were finally out of use in the districts, a few remained and bred with mockingbirds, thus keeping their species alive.

The new species, the mocking jays, lost the ability to memorise and repeat human words that the jabber jays had previously owned, but could imitate birdsongs and a wide variety of human noises, such as crying or humming. They were now known as a species that was never meant to happen, rebels against the Capitol.
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What is a mockingjay from The Hunger Games trilogy?

The Capitol had created muttations called 'jabberjays' to spy on the rebels, as the birds repeat whatever they hear. When the rebels discovered this, they gave the birds false information. After the Capitol 'destroyed' District 13, the birds were of no more use. Left to die, the jabberjays instead b ( Full Answer )

What does the Mockingjay symbolize in The Hunger Games trilogy?

In the Hunger Games trilogy, I believe that the mockingjay symbolizes hope. It is the symbol for Katniss' rebellion, a chance for all of the Districts to be free of the Capitol. The mockingjay itself is a creature that had evaded the Capitol's plans and had been a sort of 'slap in the face'. The reb ( Full Answer )

What was the story and symbolism behind the mockingjay from The Hunger Games?

Mockingjays were derived from the jabberjay, a bird geneticallydesigned to memorize conversations and repeat them back. They wereused as spies in the districts. The people in the districtsrealized what was happening, so they would use the jabberjay tosend false information back the Capitol. They cam ( Full Answer )

Is the 'Mockingjay' the final book in the 'Hunger Games' series?

It most likely will be because since the beginning this series has been called the Hunger Games Trilogy, but it is still possible that there could be more in the series since authors change their minds frequently on how many books will be in their series.

What is a Mockingjay from the book The Hunger Games?

It is a combination of a Mockingbird and a Jabberjay. The Jabberjay is a mutation created by the Capitol, and it was used to listen in on the rebel conversations, and then repeat them for the Capitol in the Dark Days. When the rebels started feeding the capitol lies, the capitol abandoned the jabber ( Full Answer )

What is a Mockingjay in The Hunger Games?

A mockingjay is a Jabberjay mixed with a mockingbird. Jabberjayswere used by the capital to spy on rebels and enemies, they couldremember full conversations and feed it back to the capital. Butrebels caught on and started feeding back fake information, so theygot rid of all them. Well that's what th ( Full Answer )

What does the Mockingjay symbolize in The Hunger Games?

The mayor's daughter gave it to Katniss before she went in as a good luck charm, so it symbolizes good luck. She said with it, she would live. It also symbolizes rebellion. Hope this helps, give me trust point? Thanks :)

What does the Mockingjay represent in The Hunger Games?

The Mockingjay is the symbol of rebellion. It represents freedom and the rebellion taking flight. It is chosen because of the Mockingjay pin Madge gave Katniss to wear in the arena. The Mockingjay also was a sign of something the Capital failed with.

Can you read hunger games and still understand the book Mockingjay?

I only read half of the first book, all of the second, and I'm partway through Mockingjay. Although, yes it is understandable, it helps a lot if you know the names, about the districts, about the story line, and about 'the berries' that are mentioned countless times in Mockingjay, yet are not explai ( Full Answer )

Why were the Mockingjay important in The Hunger Games?

The mockingjay is the symbol of the rebellion and luck. The mayor's daughter gave a pin with it on it to Katniss before she went into the arena as a good luck charm and told her with it, she wouldn't die.

How does the mockingjay appears in The Hunger Games?

Spoiler Alert: Katniss resembles the mockingjay which leads a war between the districts and the capitol in the third book. The mockingjay is also on the pin that Madge gave Katniss. (this is how she was called the mockingjay in the first place)

Were Mockingjays a symbol of hope in The Hunger Games?

Mockingjays were not a symbol of hope, they were a symbol of the rebellion. Mockingjays are hybrid birds, the results of wild mockingbirds mating with the Capitol's Jabberjay muttations. Nobody ever intended on their existence, especially the Capitol. Because the Capitol controls everything, Mock ( Full Answer )

How does the Mockingjay pin appear in the hunger games?

In the book Katniss gets the pin from the presidents daughter Madge during the interviews before the games to keep her safe. However, in the movie she gets it from Greasy Sae in The Hob then gives it to her sister Prim to keep her safe, when Katniss had to go into the games, Prim gave it back to her ( Full Answer )

What does the Mockingjay in hunger games?

It does not symbolise mocking of the capitol since it represents the mutants they bred. It's a symbol of their District. Something that it can remind them of when they are in the Games.

What happens at the end of The Hunger Games Mockingjay?

The rebels take over the Capitol and win. Coin becomes president, but Katniss shoots her instead of Snow because Coin was not a good person and wanted to continue the Hunger Games, but with the Capitol children. Katniss has a mental breakdown with everything that happened, particularly being affect ( Full Answer )

How does is Mockingjay appears in The Hunger Games?

The Mockingjay pin appears in The Hunger Games when Madge gives it to Katniss. She gives Katniss the pin before Katniss leaves for the games. The pin later becomes a symbol of rebellion and hope. Before Katniss had the pin it was madge's aunts, Maysilee Donner. Maysilee died in the 50th Hunger Games ( Full Answer )

What happens in the end of Mockingjay of the hunger games?

SPOILER ALERT****** finnick dies, prim dies, capitol falls, katniss kills the president from district 13, because she had something to do with prim's death, gale leaves district 12, katniss stays with peeta and has two children.

What does the mockingjay represnt in the hunger games?

The mocking jay is the sign of the rebel in books 2 & 3 but in book 1 it was just Katniss' symmbol of hope. In book 2 she met Bonnie and twill from a bombing in district 8 and learned what it meant.

What happened to johanna in Hunger Games Mockingjay?

Well in the 75th hunger games arena, Johanna helped Katniss leave the arena alive leaving herself behind to be captured by the Capitol. In Mockingjay, Katniss devises a plan to save all the captured Victors consisting of Peeta, Johanna, Annie Cresta (district 4) and Enobaria (district 2). She is the ( Full Answer )

What do the Mockingjay birds mean in the hunger games?

Mockingjays are the symbol of rebellion, because Katniss's pin hada mockingjay on it, and she defied the Capitol. Also, it had aspecial meaning before because the Capitol never meant for it toexist, yet it still thrived.

When does the Mockingjay appear in the Hunger Games?

The mocking jay pin appears in the first book when Katniss' friendMadge gives it to her before her first Hunger Games. The birds arethen mentioned in the first arena when Rue tells Katniss how theycan communicate with each other in the arena.

When is the hunger games mockingjay going to be out?

Mockingjay is going to be split into two-part films. The first part is scheduled to be released on November 21, 2014 and Part 2 is scheduled to be released on November 20, 2015

What does mockingjay pin represents in the hunger games?

The mockingjay was an unintended consequence of Capitol "mutts" - across breed between a naturally occurring bird and a geneticallyengineered bird from the Capitol known as the jabberjay. It wasnever meant to exist, and thus became a symbol of rebellionthroughout the series. However, in the first bo ( Full Answer )

How does mockingjay pin appears in the hunger games?

In the book, Madge (the mayor's daughter) gives Katniss the pin asa good luck charm and a token for the games. In the movie, Katnissgoes to the Hob and the owner gives her it for free. She then givesit to Prim, but after she volunteers, Prim gives it back to her. Inboth versions, the pin is her symb ( Full Answer )

Who is good people in the book called the hunger games mockingjay?

Off of the top of my head, Katniss and her team (the star squad - Mitchell, Homes, Jackson, Boggs, Leeg 1, Leeg 2, Gale, Finnick), Cressida, Messalla, Castor, Pollux, Prim, Haymitch, Effie, Flavius, Venia, Octavia, Annie and all other saved Victors. Johanna Mason and Peeta Mellark have had their me ( Full Answer )