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if I was a legal Mexican immigrant having gone through the long tedious chore of becoming an American citizen I should be furious at all the illegals bypassing the laws of America

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โˆ™ 2006-03-28 00:01:26
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Q: What is so wrong in Mexico that people will actually sneak into the US illegally then complain about being mistreated here?
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Can you bring flowers to Mexico from the US?

Only illegally.

Can you bring flowers to US from Mexico?

Only illegally.

What is the penalty for illegally crossing into Mexico from another country?


How do people get to Mexico?

drive across the boarder, illegally hop the boarder, fly a plain into mexico.. etc

How many people illegally cross the America Mexico border each year?

Depending on the study, between 200,000 and 400,000 people successfully cross the US-Mexico border each year illegally.

Do you need a us passport to go to Mexico city?

Yes, unless you live In Mexico or want to cross illegally.

How can they come to the US illegally with no passport from Mexico but one is needed to go there from america?

You answered your own question: see illegally, as in unauthorized, omitting rules.

Can a Mexican that has crossed into America illegally cross back into Mexico?

Yes. In fact many of them did this until recent years, crossing illegally during certain seasons and returning back to their hometowns in Mexico for holidays or to see the family.

What is a person who illegally smuggles humans from mexico across the border into the us called?


Why did US authorities start building a fence across the border with Mexico and not across the border with Canada?

The border with Mexico is often crossed illegally.

Did Cesar Millan come from Mexico illegally?

Right. Millan illegally crossed the border into the US in 1990 and stayed illegal until 2000 when he became a legal resident; he became a U.S. citizen in 2009.

What is the name of the person who illegally smuggles humans from Mexico across the border into the US?

They are called "Pollero" or "Coyote".

How can someone immigrate illegally to the us from Mexico?

Crossing the border by running, jumping, or swimming. Many of them die in their attemp to.

Is mexicali in Mexico?

no its actually on the boarder line of Mexico and California

How did the native Americans view the conquistadors poiunt of view?

Many Puebloan cultures (New Mexico) first enjoyed trading with the Conquistadores. However, after being enslaved and mistreated, the Pueblos revolted and threw the Spanish out of New Mexico.

How can you get out of Mexico illegally?

We don't answer or allow the answers to be posted for anything that promotes illegal or potential illegal activities here on Wikianswers.

How bad is the poverty in Mexico?

Mexico has 45.5% of its population living on less than $100 a month. It is one of the major reasons that so many risk entering the United States illegally.

Why did Hernan Cortes explore Mexico?

actually he didnt. he lived in mexico. he explored the northwestern part of mexico.

How does Mexico and pepper relate?

Chilli peppers were actually first cultivated in Mexico.

Did Mexico fight in world war 1?

Mexico did not actually fight in ww1.

Hi is Mexico cool?

Mexico is actually a very dry, hot country.

What river forms the boundaries of several US states and empties into the Gulf of Mexico?

the river that mexicans better not swim across illegally...

What problem would southwesterners most likely ask a lobby to work on due to their border with Mexico?

People moving into the country illegally.

Is being in the US illegally a crime?

It depends which country you came from illegally. Basically your good for all countries except for Asian countries and MexicoAnother View: Your nationality does not exempt you from the law. If you are in the US unlawfully, ergo: You are here illegaly. PERIOD.

What law did americans adopt from mexico?

American adopted the illegal immigration laws from Mexico. When a person or persons enter the country illegally, and are caught they are sent to a prison facility and transported back to their home country.