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Sodium chloride is NaCl.
Sodium sulfate is Na2SO4.

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Q: What is sodium chloride sodium sulfate?
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Sodium sulfate plus barium chloride?

sodium chloride and barium sulfate

What happens when sodium chloride and potassium sulfate?

Sodium chloride and potassium sulfate will not react.

Difference in sodium chloride and sodium sulfate?

Sodium chloride has the chemical formula NaCl and sodium sulfate has the chemical formula Na2SO4.

What are the ten most common salts?

Examples are: sodium chloride, potassium chloride, calcium chloride, ammonium chloride, ammonium phosphates, sodium carbonate, sodium sulfate, magnesium sulfate, cooper sulfate, magnesium chloride.

Is sodium chloride the same as sodioum sulfate?

No. The chemical formula for sodium chloride is NaCl and the chemical formula for sodium sulfate is Na2SO4

What is the difference between sodium sulfate and sodium chloride?

Sodium sulfate is Na2SO4 and sodium chloride is NaCl. Of course all the chemical and physical properties are different.

Is sodium chloride a sulfate?

No Sodium choride is a Halide

What is the difference between sodium chloride and sodium sulfate?

Sodium chloride is NaCl.Sodium sulfate is Na2SO4.Of course all the chemical and physical properties are different.

Aqueous lead chloride reacts with aqueous sodium sulfate to produce a lead sulfate precipitate and aqueous sodium chloride?


How can you separate barium chloride from sodium chloride?

Barium chloride can be precipitated wit a sulfate; barium sulfate is then filtrated.

How are sodium chloride and sulphate different?

Sodium chloride is NaCl and sodium sulfate is Na2SO4; the anion is different.

Barium chloride reacts sodium sulfate in aqueous solution to give soluble sodium chloride and insoluble barium sulfate how would you isolate the barium sulfate?

add water to dissolve the sodium chloride, filter and you can collect the barium sulfate behind the filter paper

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