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soft soil is that type of sojl in which water content is more $ strength of this soil is very poor.

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Why soft soil has greater amplitude than hard soil?

because soft soil has more moisture

Soil types of marine biomes?

The soil is soft and watery

Do wombats burrow in soft soil or hard soil?

Wombats burrow in pliable soil, that is, soil that is softer.

When a person walks on soft soil what is left behind?

Footprints, when an animal walks across mud or soft soil, tracks are left.

Can you put soil in compost?

Yes, you can put soil in compost. But try to use soft soil not hard rocky soil

What type of soil is best for a soccer field?

sandy soil because it is soft

What does potting soil feel like?

potting soil feels rich and soft

Wet and soft soil is called?


Is soft soil around your tree good for it?


What is the soil like in buffalo?

soft and wet

Which soil is dark soft and crumbly?


Whether peat soil is soft soil?

silt soil is smaller than sand but larger than clay

Which soil type drains quickly after rain?

mud, gushy mud or soft soil.

Does hard soil tire out a horses tendons?

Hard soil is more likely to make joints sore, but it is easier on the tendons than soft soil. Deep, soft soil is actually the worst for tendons and ligaments. The best is to find a happy medium.

How does animals help soil?

Animals help the soil by certain worms and cows make the soil soft , moist and healthy.

What is the texture of fertile soil?

Soft & a Crumbly texture...

Does The Piedmont Plateau have soft sandy soil?


The process in which the violent shaking of an earthquake turns soft soil into liquid mud is called?

Soil liquefaction

Do earthworms prefer soil or rocks?

Worms prefer soil because it is soft and easy to travel through

What is the land like in panama?

Very soft and mushy soil

What kind of soil is in a river delta?

dark, rich and soft

What is the soil and land like in the state of Missouri?

Good and soft

What is the soil under earth surface CALLED?

soft sand

How does climate affect the development of soil?

The climate changes the development find if the soil will be harsh soft good for farming or not

What sort of soil do plants need?

It depends on the plant really, but soft and moist soil is generally the best for anything.