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what is the Illinois high school softball pitching distance

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Q: What is softball pitching distance for Illinois high schools?
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Distance from pitchers mound to home plate in softball?

It varys, I play in a 12u league and we pitch from 40 feet but I'm sure in higher league(high school, college, etc.) they pitching mounds will be further away

Why do schools have baseball teams but not softball teams?

Well my school has a softball team. But i guess it mainly depends on where you live and how popular the sport is. In California softball is pretty popular and most high schools out here have teams.

How many high schools have a softball team?


Are all schools in Chicago Illinois accredited?

There are many schools in Chicago, Illinois that are accredited. They range from nursing schools to beauty schools. There are some schools that are not accredited,

Are there Vet schools in Illinois?

There is only one college of veterinary medicine in Illinois - the University of Illinois in Urbana, IL.

How many schools in the state of Illinois?

Illinois has more than 4,000 K-12 public schools.

How many ncaa div 2 and 3 softball teams are there?

There are 240 NCAA division 3 schools with softball programs.

Where can I can private schools in Illinois that are non-faith based?

There are several schools in Illinois. Check out for more information.

How many schools in the U.S. have a softball team?

all the schools in my school district have a softball team. we truly are the best among them, but its not about rubbing that in we're just very competative with the other teams in our city.

What is Cane Bay high schools best sport?

The Softball team

is there a military academy school in illinois?

yes there are so many military academic schools in illinois,carver military high schools was one of the best school in illinois

In college softball how far is the pitchers mound to home plate?

It is 60 feet from home to first on a softball field. It is the same distance between all the bases. The pitcher's mound is 43 away in college softball. The depth of the outfield varies from field to field.