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Stephanie Rice is an Australian swimmer who was born the 17th of June of 1988. She is an Olympic medalist, she won three gold medals at the Beijing Olympic Games of 2008.

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Which websites have information on Stephanie Rice?

Wikipedia, WikiAnswers, and her official website are good places to find inofrmation about Stephanie Rice.

What are some important awards for Stephanie rice?

Eating Rice all day!

What is Stephanie rice full name?

Stephanie Louise rice

Where did Stephanie Rice grow up?

the gold coast from Stephanie rice

How did Stephanie Rice start swimming?

How did Stephanie Rice start swimming?

Who is fitter - Kim Clijsters or Stephanie Rice?

stephanie rice

What countrie does Stephanie rice play for?

Stephanie Rice plays for Australia.

Why did Stephanie rice start swimming?

hey yeahwhy did Stephanie rice start swimming hey yeahwhy did Stephanie rice start swimming

When was Stephanie Rice born?

Stephanie Rice was born on June 17, 1988.

Are there any notable skills about Stephanie rice?

what is stephanie rice notable skills

What country is Stephanie Rice from?

Stephanie Rice is from Australia. She was born in Brisbane, Queensland.

Who does Stephanie rice sponsor?

Stephanie rice sponsors dominos pizzia and bonds.

What sport dose Stephanie rice play?

Stephanie Rice does swimming as her career

Where does Stephanie Rice work?

Congratulations Stephanie

What year was Stephanie Rice born in?

Stephanie Rice was born on the 17th June 1988.

What country was Stephanie Rice born in?

Stephanie Rice was born in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Which part of Australia is Stephanie rice from?

Stephanie Rice was born in Brisbane, Queensland in Australia.

What clothes does Stephanie Rice compete in?

Stephanie rice clothes compete in swimming costume.

What is Stephanie rice favourite food?


How many Stephanie Rice questions are on WikiAnswers?

There are over 300 questions about Stephanie Rice on WikiAnswers.

What did Stephanie Rice what to be when she was growing up?

Stephanie rice grew up with Lot's of sports events

What is Stephanie rice famous for?

Stephanie is famous for swimming.

How old is Stephanie Rice?

Stephanie Rice is 29 years old (birthdate: June 17, 1988).

When was Stephanie Rice born and where?

Stephanie Rice was born on 17 June 1988 in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

What diet dose Stephanie rice have?