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Where would be the best place to find information for a report on cheetahs?

Click on this link for some good information about cheetahs.

Find information about cheetahs?

cheetahs are the fastest land animal. it's a carnivore and it lieks to eat gazelles.

In what countries do cheetahs live?

Cheetahs live in Africa and Western Asia. Cheetahs live in Africa but rare sightings say that some cheetahs have traveled to Australia. cheetahs mostly live in Africa

Are cheetahs illegal as pets in California?

Pet cheetahs are illegal in California. (See related link below for more information.)

At what age do cheetahs die?

some cheetahs die at 12 years of age

Where can cheetahs be found?

Cheetahs are usually found in the savannas of Africa and some parts of Asia.

Do some cheetahs live in Europe?

No, cheetahs only live in parts of Africa and Asia.

Are cheetahs black?

No, Jaguars can be black, but not cheetahs

What are some of a cheetahs physical adptations?

cheetahs used there fantastic spines to run so fast

Are there cheetahs in Jamaica?

My answer is :There aren't cheetahs in Jamaica living freely, unless there are some of them in Zoos in Jamaica.

What eat the cheetahs?

some people

What are some traits of cheetahs?

they are fast

Do humans like cheetahs?

Some like cheetahs. Cheetahs also like (to eat) humans. Just kidding, they don't actually like to eat humans.

Do cheetahs live in Puerto Rico?

Naturally-no. Cheetahs are from Africa. But ther might be some in parks and Zoos

Do cheetahs depend on groups to survive?

no cheetahs are solitary animals only the cubs of cheetahs live with their mother (not with father) until they reach a certain age some male cheetahs travel on groups especially cheetah brothers

Do cheetahs need water?

Yes, some.

What are some movies that have cheetahs in them?

jungle movies

What temperature do the cheetahs need to live in?

some cheetahs like to live in hot or cold weather. well some like to live in warm weather!

Why do lions hunt cheetahs?

To some extent, lions and cheetahs compete for food. So killing or chasing away the cheetahs leaves more animals for the lions to hunt and eat.

Do some cheetahs live in the rain forest?

yes some do, but rare

What animals do cheetahs fight?

cheetahs fight large animals like loins and other cheetahs and maybe you some day L.O.L just kidding if you are really reading this i do not know this answer lol

Are cheetahs prey to some animals?

No, no animals have cheetahs as prey, but what kills cheetahs are age, diseases, and parasites.

Are some cheetahs white?

some have rare forms which gives them large white spots which makes them look all white but there have been no finds of all white cheetahs.

How can we save cheetahs?

Some ways to help cheetahs are donating money, attending sponsoring events, and volunteering to work in order to help them.

What are bad things about cheetahs?

Cheetahs occasionally kill livestock and that makes them unpopular with some farmers.

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