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He's a stalker! Be careful! Stalkers are twisted, deviates and a whole bunch of things rolled into one. I hope you aren't taking this lightely? The best thing to do is record the messages (can't do this off your cell, but can do it if you have speaker phone on your cordless phone at home) and get him on tape. You need to go to the police and if they won't do anything, then mention the word "media" and see how fast you get service. You CAN go to the media ... pick an American channel and tell them that you aren't getting help from the police. Recently there has been some terrible crimes involving sick people like this. Sounds to me you once dated this guy or lived with him. We all take chances on people we meet and no one knows another 100%. For the time being, answer the phone and tape it. After that, don't answer the phone! NEVER be in your place alone if possible, and until things cool down stay with family or a good friend. DON'T GET THIS GUY UPSET NO MATTER WHAT HE SAYS. DON'T go out alone unless you are in a group or with another friend, and stay in lit areas and crowds. Check the back seat of your car before getting in, and never park in underground parking. If you're at a mall, leave with a group of people, and you can always get security in the mall to walk you to your car. Until you can get the goods on this guy you'd better take it seriously. See the police! Good luck God Bless Marcy

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Q: What is someone who tells lies steals disappears is a sexual deviant and stalks you and calls 20 times a day and finds out your passwords to check messages but there is no kissing?
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