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Make her a dinner and have candlelight. Also a bubble bath with lit candles around. You sound like a very sweet person:)

2006-07-27 14:48:52
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What was the Production Budget for Small Soldiers?

The Production Budget for Small Soldiers was $40,000,000.

What is the budget of Small Business Administration?

The budget of Small Business Administration is 569,000,000 dollars.

What was the Production Budget for Small Time Crooks?

The Production Budget for Small Time Crooks was $18,000,000.

How can you surprise your girlfriend at night?

A bottle of wine, candles, strawberry sharing, roses, lite romantic songs and a small gift for her can make her feelings stronger for you. Good Luck. PINO.

Planning business performance give a advice to Mr. obrien who runs a small firm selling garden and equipment.they have never created a budget and are confused about what a budget is?

budget is something that you wii be neeeding to operate or run a business,,it is actually a capital.

Will your girlfriend care that you have a small penis?

That depends on the personality of your girlfriend.

What is the best gift to get your girlfriend for your 1 month?

You should get your girlfriend something small for your one month, maybe flowers or a teddy it depends what she like. You could even just take her somewhere nice

Should you get her something for Valentine's Day?

If it's your girlfriend or wife you'd better! If you are short on money it could be as simple as a romantic card or you could give her a single rose with a nice bow around it along with it. If you have the money then take her out for a romantic dinner (somewhere decent that is a little on the dark side and romantic) or, cook her dinner, put candles on the table and have a romantic, quiet dinner together. Leave the rest up to your imagination as long as you both agree on it. Answer If it's someone you don't know very well, something small would be nice. Something like a small bouquet of flowers, candy, cuddly little stuffed animal (depending on the person you're talking about). Big money doesn't have to be spent to let someone know you care about them. Many great romances have started on Valentine's Day! If it's your wife then just telling her you love her should be enough. Unless she's very materialistic in which case I'm sorry.

What film would qualify as a small-budget film?

Small budget is a relative term, and generally means that a film's bills were not paid by a studio. The Blair Witch Project costs were in the US$60,000 range; Rocky's expenses were about US$1,000,000. Both are considered 'low budget' or small budget films.

What is a good beginner paintball gun?

depends on your budget and what you are looking for, but I suggest taking a look at many of the spyders out there as they have something for just about any budget that will all be small, light, easy to work on and lower priced than many of the competitors out there.

What is the most romantic thing a boyfriend give to his girlfriend?

This heavily depends on the woman, but common things are:Roses, or other pretty flowersTaking her out for dinnerJeweleryOr some other small gift that she can relate to and will enjoy

What is the budget?

The budget can refer to any group's plan for money (spending and management). Anyone from a household to a small business to the federal government has a budget.

If your a really small short guy and your girlfriend is very tall should you ever at any moment allow your girlfriend to pick you up?

Only if you find it embarrassing for yourself, THEN i think you should do something about it. this happened to me before, and i went with it.

The orchestra in the romantic period?

The orchestra during the Romantic period was a growing ensemble. It started out small and ended up being very large.

I dont know what to get my fifteen year old boyfriend for Christmas something not too mushy and romantic but not too expensive?

a shrubbery. with a little path down the center and a small white fence.

What is a major feature of incremental budgeting?

Provides small increases in the current budget over the previous year's budget.

Where is the most romantic place in America?

The most romantic place in America is in a small town called Wethersfield in CT. It is so romantic and beautiful. the perfect place to cuddle up on a bench or kiss in the park.

What is something romantic to engrave on a boyfriends jewelry present?

The idea alone of engaving something on a jewelry sound like a great romantic thing to do for someone. There are many different things you can choose to tell someone depending on the relationship you may have but you can consider an aniversary date and maybe saying that you lave the person. Also you can find a small but very significant quote that summerizes you feelings towards them.

What does a rose petal that is placed in the palm of a hand mean in a dream?

The Rose petal represents something tender and loving. The dream is about your receiving something rather romantic, also very small or subtle. It might have been a compliment or a gesture from someone who cares about you.

What gift do you get for a 6 month anniversary?

well... you always want to start off with something smallbecause if you get her something big she might expect you to get her something bigger next year but don't be too cheap!take her to the beach are a get a way or just make her something (low budget and mushy!) and remember be romatic

What are the instruments in the romantic period orchestra?

Strings, woodwinds and percussion instruments were used in the romantic period orchestra. Small scale instruments were used during this period.

What methods a small business owner can use to promote his product or service within a small budget?


Why does my girlfriend not want to take a shower with me?

small penis

Why mini was made?

It was intended to be a budget car with small engine and capacity

How do you show your brother you want him?

Be romantic toward him. Be extra nice, and make small moves.