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A banana tied to a low tree branch.

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What do you call when something hangs or sinks down low?

i think she hangs out with the band or something

The asnwer is "A purse that hangs low".

A rope that hangs a person is called a noose.

Icicle hangs from the roof and rhymes with bicycle.

Slung is the past tense of sling, which can either mean to suspend something so it hangs loosely or to throw or fling.

On turkeys and goats it hangs from under the chin... On humans (only males) it hangs from the pelvis

No, a stalagmite rises from the floor. A stalactite hangs from the roof

The appendix hangs off the end of the cecum.

The duration of The Booze Hangs High is 360.0 seconds.

The duration of The Noose Hangs High is 1.28 hours.

The ozone hangs out in the ozone layer. This is present in the stratospheric region of atmosphere.

The skin that hangs from a turkey's throat is a wattle.

If you "get the hang" of something, you learn which way it "hangs" or "lies" - in other words, you see how it works and learn to do it yourself.

Hangs with his friends! Of course. Umm and snoopy i guess ...!! He sometimes does adventurous things like The mayflower episode.

Cowboys loved a colorful phrase! This is a delay. It's something that hangs you up.

A straight guy who hangs out with lesbians is called a lesbro.

Selena Gomez hangs out with demi Selena Gomez hangs out with joey king

The pituitary gland hangs from a stalk from the inferior surface of the hypothalamus of the brain.

ask him in private away from the other people or ask him to come down park or something

The fleshy part that hangs from a turkey's neck is called a wattle.

a piece of jewelry that hangs from a chain worn round the neck.

If I were you,I would apologize to that person and tell them the reason you told her/him that...or right that person a note or buy them something that you think would sow them you are sorry...or call her/him back.

Ask him does he really want to stay in relationship with you cause you feel he doesnt pay you no mind? It could mean he doesnt really care about you should move on never waste your time trying to hold on to something that would never be.

you mean hangs grendels hand if so than because to show that he can kill Grendel you mean hangs grendels hand if so than because to show that he can kill Grendel

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