What is something that has two poles called?


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Something that has two poles is called bipolar. These poles in a magnet are called north seeking poles or south seeking poles depending on their direction.

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something that has two poles described as a what i think north poleby:Kenedie durens aka kandii

Lines running between two poles are called Semicircles

The lines joining the two poles are longitudes.

The two poles of a magnet are called "north pole" and "south pole".

A magnet. It is described as a Magnet.

Two centrosomes are arranged at opposite poles of the cell are called prometaphase.

They are called north and south.

Magnets have two poles, these poles are called the North pole and the South pole. The North pole is the side of the magnet that points to the Earth's North pole when freely suspended.

the ends of a magnet are called this south pole and north poleThe ends of a magnet are its poles.Magnetic PolesThe two ends of a magnet are the North and South poles.Poles, North & Southmagnetic poles......

All magnets no matter how small have two opposing poles, a north pole and a south pole. The Earth also has a magnetic field and so it too has two poles, a North and a South Pole. The Earth also spins on its axis, the ends of this axis are also called Poles. There are two ends, a North and a South pole which are close to but not exactly in the same positions as the Earth's two magnetic poles.

It is not possible to create a magnet with two south poles or two north poles. Both the poles always exist along with each other. Force 2 magnets together end to end with the south poles together. You will get a north pole at each end and a big south pole in the middle. This arrangement is called a quadrupole.

There are two ends ... the north and south poles.

They form something known as a pole baby.

Every magnet has two poles, called the north and south poles. Magnetic field lines begin at the north pole, and end at the south pole.

Two like poles will repulse. Two unlike poles will attract.

all magnets have two poles

Unlike poles Attract. Like poles Repel. So, Two North poles will repel each other and so will two South poles.

They have to be called something and we call latitudes on one side of the equator "North" and on the other side "South" so where these latitude circles become infinitely small we call them the Poles.

When two animals fight for something, it doesn't have a special name. It's just called two animals fighting over something.

Magnets have two poles north and south. Like poles repel and unlike poles attract.

A magnet has two poles which are known as north and south poles.

Because they point to the respective direction

Fishing poles were invented to fish with because they are called fishing poles.

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