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A method to measure wave lengths of light.

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What are the strenghts of atomic absorption spectrometry compared to atomic emission spectrometry?

Atomic absorption spectrometry is more sensitive than atomic emission spectrometry.

What advantages does mass spectrometry have over infrared spectrometry?

Mass spectrometry provides more structural information about the molecule.

What is difference in spectroscopy and spectrometry?

Spectroscopy is qualitative, spectrometry is quantitative.

What is the motto of IONICS Mass Spectrometry Group?

IONICS Mass Spectrometry Group's motto is 'IONICS Mass Spectrometry Group: Company'.

What has the author Kenneth L Busch written?

Kenneth L. Busch has written: 'Mass spectrometry/ mass spectrometry' -- subject(s): Mass spectrometry

What is mass spectrometry?

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What can you use to detect depleted uranium?

Analytical chemistry, gamma spectrometry, alpha spectrometry

What is mass spectrometry used for in forensics?

Mass spectrometry may be used to determine elements in traces.

When was Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry created?

Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry was created in 1986.

What advantages does mass spectrometry have over nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometry?

Mass spectrometry can analyze samples quicker, has a higher sensitivity, and can conduct analysis with smaller sample volumes.

What are some disadvantages of mass spectrometry?

Mass spectrometry can only be used for pure compounds. The compounds also have to be volatile. In addition, mass spectrometry has to be used with other techniques for sample analysis.

What has the author A Maccoll written?

A. Maccoll has written: 'Mass spectrometry' -- subject(s): Ions, Mass spectrometry

What is IONICS Mass Spectrometry Group's motto?

The motto of IONICS Mass Spectrometry Group is 'Go With the Flow

What kind of metals can be quantified by atomic emission spectrometry?

Atomic emission spectrometry is limited to alkali metals.

How can you experimentally dertermine the number of isotopes?

Using physical methods of analysis: mass spectrometry, gamma spectrometry, etc.

What are the weaknesses of infrared spectrometry?

Infrared spectrometry cannot be used quantitatively. It also involves complex sample preparation. In addition, infrared spectrometry may be robust as its sample preparation may affect its results.

What has the author R A W Johnstone written?

R. A. W. Johnstone has written: 'Mass Spectrometry' 'Mass spectrometry for organic chemists' -- subject(s): Chemistry, Organic, Mass spectrometry, Organic Chemistry

What has the author Julian P Whitelegge written?

Julian P. Whitelegge has written: 'Protein mass spectrometry' -- subject(s): Massenspektrometrie, Mass Spectrometry, Proteomics, Spectra, Proteins, Analysis, Mass spectrometry, Proteine

How do you determine te percent of naturally occurring isotopes in an element?

The methods of determination are mass spectrometry or ICP-mass spectrometry.

Is mass spectrometry on the electromagnetic spectrum?


What are the disadvantages of mass spectrometry?


What are the application of atomic absorption spectrometry in pharmaceutics?

Atomic absorption spectrometry is used for the determination of metal residues remaining from pharmaceutical manufacturing.

What is the difference between Chromatography and Spectrometry?

Chromatography is technique for separation of mixture components (either for analytical or preparative purposes) based on their different distribution between stationary and mobile phase. Spectrometry is measurement technique (often used in chromatography as a detection technique) based on a measurement of spectra (in UV/VIS spectrometry - absorbance as a function of wavelength, in mass spectrometry - ion abundance as a function of m/z, in fluorescence spectrometry - emission as a function of wavelength etc.).

Can a mass spectrometry urine test detect steroid use?

Yes for the most part, mass spectrometry can detect the metabolites of most steriods, but not all.

What has the author George W A Milne written?

George W. A. Milne has written: 'Mass spectrometry: techniques and applications' -- subject(s): Mass spectrometry