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Spousal abuse is two people living together and it doesn't matter if they are married or not and they are verbally or physically attacked by their partner. It just isn't men that can be abusive, but woman as well.

MENTAL ABUSE: Calling the victim names. Criticizing their every move. Demeaning them in front of others. Not allowing them to go out alone to have fun with friends and keeping them away from family members. Controlling the money (not giving her any money) and perhaps not allowing her to use the car/truck when she needs it. Playing "mind games" where he will stay out late at night and making sure the victim knows he's cheating on her, but will deny it. Degrading the victim by tell her she's stupid or ugly and taking her confidence away by telling her she would never get along in the world without him.

PHYSICAL ABUSE: Punching, kicking, twisting limbs, slapping, pushing so violently the person will fall and injure themselves. Bodily injury such as black eyes, broken bones, split lip, hair pulling, bruises. Some physical abusers will actually choose spots on their victims such as the rib, chest, or hip areas to hit because no one will see the marks.


I have suffered at the hands of my partner, he has been mentally abusing me for years. I couldn't breathe without him thinking I am cheating!

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Q: What is spousal abuse?
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Is it spousal abuse if your spouse visits the police to make accusations and then refuses to discuss those accusations?

Spousal abuse is abuse regardless of whether or not it is discussed.

How many women die from spousal abuse?

Many women die from spousal abuse due co-dependency issues.

Can you record spousal abuse?

Yes, you can record spousal abuse, but it may not be used in a court of law although some judges will listen to the recording in his Chambers and make a decision from what he hears.

In Arkansas marriage laws is spousal abuse a legal?

Of course not!

Will Michigan extradite to Colorado for spousal abuse?

If by "spousal abuse" you actually mean a charge of "Domestic Violence," yes, it is possible that they will extradite for that charge, especially if serious injury resulted from the assault.

How many congresspersons arrested for spousal abuse?

in 2007 29 congresspersons were accused of abuse 3 were arrested

How much jail time can you get for spousal abuse?

25 to life fool!

In Kentucky is it mandatory to report spouse abuse?

Spousal abuse is almost always hidden by closed doors and family and friends may not be aware of what is going on. Therefore it is not mandatory in Kentucky or any other State to report spousal abuse, but, the victim should report it to the police.

Can children come to women spousal abuse shelters?

depends on the shelter. ask them

What is the main cause of spousal abuse?

When they are guilty of something and know they are going to get caught. FOr example, cheating.

Why did Roseanne and Tom Arnold get divorced?

Only they know for sure, but there were allegations of spousal and drug abuse.

Can men get arrested if they go near women spousal abuse shelters?

For trespassing, if nothing else.

What effect do drugs have on the community?

Drug abuse is a social problem and because of the abuse there is more crime, more child abuse, more spousal abuse, death, and homeless people. All of this has a cost for the community and society.

Who is opposed to false reporting of spousal abuse?

False reporting of spousal abuse is a crime because it taint's the character of the person being falsely accused. It is immoral, can cause damage in the accused person's life and the accused person should take legal action.

What is considered as extenuating circumstances in a spousal abuse case?

Three are no extenuating circumstances in spousal abuse or domestic violence cases. The person who feels driven to the point of physical attack or violence ALWAYS has the option of walking away before the first blow is struck.

What is the NC statute of limitations for spousal physical abuse claims?

The North Carolina statute of limitations for spousal physical abuse claims, which would be an assault and battery is threeÊyears for a civil action. To bring forth a criminal action in a case such as this, the statute of limitations is two years.

Did Bobby Houston Beat Whitney?

of course, why do you think they were so close? spousal abuse IS a laughing matter.

What misdemeanors Keeps you from having a firearm?

Per the Lautenberg Amendment, any conviction for domestic violence or spousal abuse.

What are the release dates for Lifestyle Magazine - 2001 Is Enough Ever Really Enough Myths About Spousal Abuse 20-26?

Lifestyle Magazine - 2001 Is Enough Ever Really Enough Myths About Spousal Abuse 20-26 was released on: USA: 2 August 2009

Is spousal abuse a serious misdeamenor in ca?

Why only in CA. Every where it is serious crime detrimental to the women's modesty and dignity.

Do policemen have a high rate of substance abuse?

UNFORTUFNEATELY, people in law enforcement have been statistically shown to be more prone to: substance abuse, spousal abuse, depression, suicide and alcoholism, as well as a high divorce rate. <<<ADR>>>

What is the punishment for spouse abuse?

It depends the kind of spousal abuse. Every county got it own laws on spousal abuse. In Germany and most every outer European country, physical abuse of a spouse is forbidden by law. Normally, the abuser gets an restraining order from a judge, this means that he can not near you more the (example: 50 or 100 feet). Every restraining order is different and it is specific to a case. Secondly, if this is not working, a judge my decide to give him some jail time.

If a person is arrested on spousal abuse and released by the court can that person be charged later?

Yes, if you couldn't be charge for it afterword then what kind of country would this be?

What is the most common abuse?

# Animal abuse # Child abuse # Elder abuse # Spousal abuse # Emotional abuse or psychological abuse # Physical abuse # Sexual abuse # Spiritual abuse # Verbal abuse * Human rights abuse * Legal abuse (Vexatious or malicious litigation/prosecution) * Drug abuse * Internet abuse The answer depends on what you define as abuse. The list is most likely quite endless. And some people thrive in situations where others crumble. Sorry for the lack of a good answer; but with what little information I have on your perspective and why you need this information, this is the best answer I've got for you.

What has the author V Joy Andres written?

V. Joy Andres has written: 'The adjustment of child witnesses to spousal abuse' -- subject(s): Children of abused wives, Victims of family violence, Family violence, Wife abuse