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The cervical spine (neck) has a natural curve, the lordotic curvature, that allows for even weight distribution and shock-absorbing properties. Straightening of the lordotic curvature means that this natural curve has been lost, and the cervical spine has become straighter.

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What is the straightening of normal lumbar lordotic curvature?

straightened lumber lordotic curvature with subtle scoliotic list to the left side

What are symptoms of cervical lordosis?

Lordosis is the normal curvature of the cervical spine. A normal lordosis is not expected to cause any symptoms.Lordosis is a curve in which the anterior (or front) of the spine has a convex curvature, and the posterior spine (or back) has a concave curvature. Measurements made from radiographic studies (x-rays) may demonstrated abnormalities of a normal cervical lordosis, such as: hypolordosis (a reduction in the normal curve), hyperlordosis (an increase in the normal curve, or cervical kyphosis (a reversal of the normal curve).The lumbar spine also has a lordotic curve.

What does straightening of the normal cervical lordosis mean?

The cervical lordosis is the curve in the neck (cervical spine). When there is straightening of the cervical lordosis, this can occur from posture or a herniated disc in the area.

Which spinal curvature is the most superior?

cervical curvature

Is the cervical curvature a primary or secondary curvature?


Which is the superior concave curve in the vertebral column?

The cervical lordotic curve.

What is cervical scoliosis?

Cervical scoliosis is referring to a curvature in your neck

Is the cervical curvature considered a primary curvature?

No, the cervical curvature is considered the secondary curvature, the primary curvatures are the thoracic and sacral curvatures. The lumbar curvature is also considered the Secondary Secondary curvature (yes that's two secondarys, as in the second secondary)

What is the name of the superior concave curve in the vertebral column?

The cervical lordotic curve.

What is straightening of the lordosis?

Straightening of the lordosis is when the spine does not have it's normal slight curvature. The straightening is usually caused by muscle spasms or pain.

Which of these parts of vertebral canal will show concavity backward in secondry curvature- either cervical or thoracic?

cervical curvature

Which spinal curvature is the most superior one?

The cervical curvature is the most superior spinal curvature.

What curvature develops as the baby begins to lift his or her head?

Cervical curvature

What spinal curvature is the most superior?

the cervical curvature is most superior

What is the diag code for straightening of the cervical lordosis?


What is straightening of the thoracic spine?


What is the meaning of reversal of the cervical curvature?

refering to neck

What are the names for the curves of the vertebral column?

There are essentially 3 curves in the human spine: 1. Cervical lordotic curve 2. Thoracic kyphotic curve 3. Lumbar lordotic curve In summary the human spine has 2 lordotic curves and 1 kyphotic curve. If you are looking at a person sideways with their face facing towards your left, the lordotic curve is concave and the kyphotic curve is convex.

Cervical mild scoliotic?

a slight curvature of the spine near the neck

Does scoliosis have a curve in it?

Scoliosis is curvature of the spine, either cervical, thoracic and lumbar

Straightening of cervical lordosis?

straightening of cervical lordosis is due to muscular spam in many cases. Patients should use a small, thin pillow under their head during sleep so that it can be cured. Physiotherapy of neck can also help you.

What does this mean bulging disc at C5-6 minimal compression loss of lordotic curvature?

I'm no expert but I recently had a neck xray and C5-6 in that case referred to the joint between the fifth and sixth vertebrae from the top of the spine. Bulging disc means the disc that sits between those two vertebrae has come out of place in some way. Minimal compression I'm not totally sure so I wont answer. Loss of lordotic curvature means that rather than retaining the natural curve of the spine, it has become straighter in that area. This condition is Cervical Kyphosis.

What is straightening of the spinal cord?

spninal cord staight- mean loss normal curvature spine which affect movement spine

Straightening of the normal cervical lordosis?

Muscle spasm usually straightens the natural curve in the cervical lordis. Massage, physical therapy, and acupuncture are potential treatments for this condition.

What are the four major curvatures of the vertebral column and direction in which they curve?

cervical, thoracic, lumbar, and sacral curvature.

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