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What is strappado bondage?

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Tying a person's hands behind their back and pulling them upward. Often the elbows are also tied together.
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What is bondage?

It means to be tied up or enslaved in some way or to be indebted to someone. Also some people like to pretend doing this for sexual plesure (the tying up thing)

Who enjoys bondage?

Your daughter. She's been enjoying it for hours.

Does bondage hurt?

No. If one is careful and follows simple guidlines for safety. It's really sexually arousing.

Why do you like bondage?

it usually goes back to childhood experience obviouslly not of actuall bondage just cops and robbers in the playground and a girl or boy capturing you. or a disstant relative

Bondage and tickling?

Go together like cheese and biscuits. Remember the safeword!

How do you do self bondage?

Depends on what you're into. It's pretty easy to use chains and locks. You can use belts and straps -- google "bondage gear" for resources, or you can make your own with some

Is bondage safe?

Bondage is safe as long as you have a safe word. Stop and no are not good safe words they are fun to use while playing. Pick a safe word that would not normally be used in you

How do girl do bondage?

First, some rules: (1) Never do bondage with someone you don't know well. (2) Never leave anyone alone with a gag or any bondage around their throat, not even for "a few m

What is spiritual bondage?

Spiritual bondage is the state of being spiritually bound so that you cannot function or live the way you were designed to function and live. The bonds are spiritual, i.e. the

What is a yolk of bondage?

It is supposed to be yoke not yolk. It means anything that is trapping a person from their best life whether it be addictions or money problems,health problems. It is anything
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What is anime bondage?

Anime bondage is like when someone is kidnapped and is tied up but in anime form
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What is devise bondage?

Bondage that uses something other than rope, straps, or tape torestrain a person. Such as handcuffs, stocks, pillory, chains,metal objects, any kind of rigid object a person c