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What is stretch twill fabric?

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Twill is fabric that has a diagonal pattern. It is actually woven in such a way as to create diagonal "ribs" in the fabric itself (not just colored diagonal lines). Think of cordoroy - that is a fabric with a vertical (up and down) pattern woven into it. Twill is diagonal weaving. If a twill fabric has extra "give" so that it can expand (stretch), it is a stretch twill.

Stretch twill often refers to the fabric having a small percentage of lycra/spandex in it, usually 2-4%.

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What products are made from stretch twill?

Stretch twill is a type of fabric that is woven in a diagonal pattern. Some products that are made from it include shorts, pants, dresses, jackets, and slipcovers.

What is twill?

twill is a very rough fabric that comes from elephants.

What is a twill jersey?

A twill jersey is a type of sports uniform that is made of twill. Twill is a woven fabric with a ribbed pattern that is diagonal and parallel.

What is the Fabric with diagonal lines?


What is a Woven fabric with diagonal lines?


Woven fabric with diagonal parallel ribs?


Woven fabric with a pattern of diagonal lines?


What is a zanella?

A zanella is an Italian wool or twill fabric.

How warm is Twill?

Twill fabric can be soft and airy or thick and warm, depending on the thread count and the method of weaving.

What is the woven fabric with a surface of diagonal parallel ribs?


Why is twill weave used for jeans?

fabric strength and durability

How can you identify a twill woven fabric easily?

The easiest way to identify a twill weave is if the fabric appears to have a diagonal "texture"- this is caused by the offset of weft and warp threads when the fabric is woven (for example, over once, under twice. As opposed to over once, under once as a normal weave). The grain of the fabric is not actually diagonal, but the twill weave gives it that appearance.

Does 100 percent cotton fabric stretch?

That depends totally on how the fabric is made. If the fabric is woven, like broadcloth or percale, it will not stretch. If the fabric is knitted, like a T-shirt, it will stretch.

Traditional denim is a twill-woven version of what natural fabric?


End uses of twill weave fabric?

anything denim such as jeans.hope that helps

What is a good fabric for medical uniforms?

For medical uniforms, T/C fabric as twill is good. but the best fabric is CVC, more cotton, but not 100% cotton.

Does 100 percent Viscose fabric stretch?

100% Viscose fabric is like rayon and it does not stretch. Many times it is mixed with lycra and then it will stretch.

What is the Comparison between knitted and woven fabric?

A "knit" fabric will stretch, either side to side and/or up to down, but a "woven" fabric will not stretch.

What is the name of a strong cotton fabric?

Denim, twill and canvas can all be considered strong cotton fabric -- when the base material is cotton.

What is a strong heavy worsted twill fabric used for clerical robes called?


Is polyester a stretch fabric?

Polyester is a material that fabric is fabricated from. Polyester can be knitted into fabrics that will stretch. Polyester also can be woven into fabrics that will not stretch. Polyester can be blended with other materials and fabricated into fabrics that will and will not stretch.

Is satin a synthetic fabric?

Satin is a pattern of weave, that is the way threads are arranged when woven into fabric. It is not a particular fabric or fiber. Other examples of type of weave would be plain and twill.

How would you cut fabric to give a garment the most stretch?

That will depend on the fabric. Some fabrics stretch in only one direction while other fabrics stretch in both directions (like polyester double knit). You will need to check your fabric to determine the maximum stretch.

Does cotton twill shrink?

Cotton twill does shrink a little when first laundered. If you are using cotton twill to sew clothing you should launder it first to allow it to shrink before you begin. The amount of shrinkage you get depends on if you wash the fabric in hot, warm or cold water.

What is the coolest stretch fabric?

Cotton or Linen